AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review – An Excellent Third-Party One Click Recovery Software

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Overview

As the title said, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is an one click recovery software. It is developed by AOMEI Technology, designed for Windows so far. Because most users’ computers are DIY machines that they have not built-in one key recovery program, neither Windows has. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is similar to Lenovo OneKey Recovery as well as alternative to Lenovo OneKey Recovery and other brand one key recovery programs. Finally, it is a freeware.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

Why choose AOMEI OneKey Recovery

If you are a lazy man, who plays DIY computer, you can use AOMEI OneKey Recovery to make a system backup just in case. However, if you run brand computers, AOMEI OneKey Recovery also works well after re-installing system, update system or resizing partition, etc. The compatibility of AOMEI OneKey Recovery is very good.

Features of AOMEI OneKey Recovery

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is easy to use. On the main interface, there are only two buttons, one for backup, one for recovery. Usually, what we use is the left backup button. Because when restoring, AOMEI OneKey Recovery provides a special keyboard button – “F11” (default) or “A” key to make your computer enter into Windows PE environment, and then automatically run it. For other computers with EFI/UEFI boot, you can enter into the application to restore by using Windows Boot Menu. What’s more, AOMEI OneKey allows you to configure how to display the boot menu by options.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery supports creating a system image on Windows 10 and former operating systems. It supports many kinds of storage devices: local hard disks, external hard disks, solid state drives, USB, etc. Many kinds of disk types: MBR disk, GPT disk and UEFI Boot.

Since the 1.5 version of AOMEI OneKey Recovery released, it added a new feature – AOMEI’s UI Customization Tool. This feature lets you customize logo, GUI to yours freely. How to do this we suggest you download and try it yourself. By the way, AOMEI Technology is a generous company, most of their products are free to use.


AOMEI OneKey Recovery is to make a factory recovery partition. If you also want have a full scale free Windows backup software, we suggest you try AOMEI Backupper Standard.

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