How to enable document rights in Adobe Reader?

There are at least two ways to enable document rights in Adobe Reader so that you can use the comment and mark up features. These features include adding sticky notes, Highlight text, adding text comment, add stamp, text correction map so on. These tools are particularly useful for document review and comment purpose. You can easily highlight or add comments without editing or change the overall document formatting.

Ok, let us go and see how we can enable commenting in Adobe Reader

Option 1 – Use one of Adobe Acrobat Pro editions

All Adobe free Readers except Adobe Reader XI do not allow you to comment and markup on your PDF document. When you try to ON “Comment & Markup Toolbar” tool under Tools è Customize Toolbars… it says “only available when document rights are enabled”.

To overcome this problem, download the pro edition (you can download the trial version that works for 30 days).

Download Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Once you finish downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Pro edition, open your PDF document using the Pro edition.

Click on File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF… Enable Commenting & Measuring… save as dialog box appears and click “Save” button.

You can now open the document in one of Adobe reader program and use the Comment & Markup toolbar.

Option 2 – Use Adobe Reader XI free software

Adobe Reader XI is the latest and free pdf reader software from Adobe. You should download and update your older versions of reader with Reader XI. Adobe Reader XI allows you to enable document rights in Adobe reader. These include highlighting, adding sticky notes, and other commenting and markup tools.

Follow the steps below if you need assistance

Download the installer using the following link:-

Download Adobe Reader XI

Once the downloading is completed, Double Click on the installer to start the installation. Note: you should be connected to the internet while you are installing the software.

Adobe Reader Undater Preferences” dialog box appears; click “Next” to continue. The installer begins downloading and installing the program. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take some time to complete.


A dialog box appears that tells the completion of the installation, Click “Finish” to exit setup and launch the program.

 Adobe reader installation

License Agreement page appears, Click “Accept” and start using the program.


 Adobe reader aggreement
 adobe reader main

That is all the steps you need to enable document rights in Adobe Reader free reader. I hope this helps.

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