27 free budgeting software | online budgeting software to be free from debts

Here is a list of free budgeting software, both offline and online, that provide essential features for personal and small business money management.

In one way or another, everyone budgets. And proper and wise budgeting helps you to organize cash flow and know where the money goes, how it is spent, how to save money and grow wealth.

To simplify and ease the budgeting process, you need to have or use an application that assist you in planning and managing your financial activities. There are several budgeting programs available on the net (most of them are web-based).

In this article we have included most of the free budgeting programs used by millions of people. If you know any free budgeting software that must be included here, let us know in the comment area.

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BudgetPulse is a free budgeting program which helps to control expenses, grow assets, save and reduce debts. This web based application allows you to organize cash flow, expenses and bank accounts in one place. In addition, you can create goals and track progress and make donations using PayPal or Amazon.

Key features of BudgetPulse free budgeting program

  • Includes tools required for personal budgeting
  • Divide cash flow into categories such as dining out, utilities, car expenses, etc.
  • Group and analyze incoming and outgoing money
  • Allows to control all personal budgeting in one place
  • Track cash flow, net worth and account balances
  • Support schedule payments
  • Imports securely data from your financial statements
  • Implement VeriSign SSL encryption protection technology
  • Can personalize, currency and time zone
  • Has saving goals for college, a wedding, a baby etc. and requests saving goals by e-mail
  • Export budget data to other financial software
  • Import financial files from Quicken, Spreadsheets, Bank Statements, Microsoft money
  • Produce and print charts, graphs, reports, summaries transaction details as PDF files
  • Allows you to set up an account to collect and raise money (unique feature)

budgetPulse online budgeting software

Compatibility: No software download needed, requires Registration

Website: BudgetPulse Budgeting software


Mint is one of the best and free budgeting programs that help you to budget and manage financial accounts in one place. Mint is an online program which enables you to access your data from anywhere. You can view all your accounts including checking, savings, investments, retirement, etc.

Key features of Mint

  • Set a budget and create a plan
  • Automatically organize spending into categories such as rent, clothes, gas. Lattes
  • Allows to create goals and your money accomplishment
  • Support tracking with email, mobile alerts, bill reminders
  • Implement 128-bit SSL Encryption security technology and data is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe
  • Easy to use and minimal setup time

Compatibility: works online (requires free sign up)

Website: Mint budgeting software

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is online free financial software that provides all the tools you need to manage your entire financial activity in one secure place. This feature rich service helps you to calculate your net worth, set a budget, manage investment accounts, and plan for retirements.

Main features of Personal Capital

  • Works with all financial accounts including checking, savings, investment, IRA accounts, etc
  • Comes with an analyzer tool that helps you to discover hidden fees
  • Shows and recommend possible improvements you can make to reach your long-term goals
  • Allows you to evaluate your spending and savings so that you are in good shape for retirement
  • Shows and allows accessing all financial information from a single dashboard
  • View transactions by category
  • Shows weekly, monthly and yearly income and spending habits and many more features

Compatibility: Works online

Website: Personal Capital


GnuCash is more about accounting software designed for personal and small businesses. It allows to you to track bank accounts, income and expenses and stocks. It could be used to manage your business’ budget in order to plan your financial strategy.

Key features of GnuCash

  • Support Double-entry accounting
  • Provides a checkbook-style register interface to enter financial transactions
  • For small businesses, support customer and vendor tracking, Jobs, invoicing and Bill payment, manage payrolls
  • Support scheduled transactions and set automatic reminder
  • Display financial data in the form of Bar charts, Pie charts and Scatter plots
  • Generate customizable reports including Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Portfolio Valuation, etc.
  • Support bank statement reconciliation
  • Include income/expense types and more features

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Mac OS X and Linux

Website: GnuCash


Formerly called, SimpleD Budget, dsBudget is an open source budgeting program that helps you spend your money wisely. It helps you to understand your spending habits and purchasing decisions inured to save money and control your expenses.

Features of dsBudget

  • Allocate your income into Categories like Mortgage, Entertainment, etc.
  • Record your expense, in each category which allows you to see how much money left in each category
  • Data is compatible with SimpleD Budget
  • Runs on PC or USB drive
  • Support multiple languages and currencies

Compatibility: Multiple Platforms

Website: dsBudget


Clear Check Book is an online financial management tool which helps you to track your spending, set budgets, manage and control your money and more. The service comes in versions free and premium. The premium features are unlocked for a very small monthly payment.

Main feature of Cearcheckbook

  • Enter receipts and assign each transaction to an account and category
  • Add transactions, balance checkbook, view reports, and look at your budget
  • Track spending, saving and bills
  • All financial activities are accessed from a single dashboard
  • Generate reports (view your various accounts and categories in line, bar, pie and text based reports)
  • Calculate overall balances for both uncleared and cleared totals
  • Include budgeting tool to help you budget your expenses and set spending limits for your budget
  • Schedule transactions and reminders

Compatibility: Web-based application

Website: ClearCeckbook

Pocketsmith Basic

PocketSmith is an online personal finance software that helps you to get control over your money. It allows you to see all your bank, credit card and loan accounts in one place. Pocketsmith comes in three plans Basic, Premium and Super. The basic version is free with some limitations.

Main features of Pocketsmith Basic

  • Import bank feeds manually
  • Track accounts, assets and liabilities
  • Find and organize transactions
  • Create cash projections for 6 months
  • Include a budget calendar and Schedule upcoming bills and budgets
  • Break budget into periods (daily, weekly, and monthly)
  • Keep track of what you own, and what you owe
  • Generate income and expense report and cash flow statement
  • Import from Mint.com
  • Two-factor authentication security
  • Email summaries of financial activity

Compatibility: Online application, requires free registration

Website:  Pocketsmith Financial Software


Moneytrackin is freely available web-based budget management tool that enables you to track all your expenses and income easily.

Key features of Moneytrackin

  • Allows controlling many accounts or projects
  • Log and tag all your transactions including expense and income
  • Insert transactions and review account statements
  • View how your money is managed
  • Allows sharing ideas with other users
  • Support public API to allow the integration with other applications
  • Shows everything from one interface

Compatibility: web-based application, requires free registration

Website: Moneytrackin budgeting tool

AceMoney Lite Budgeting

AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is simple and flexible personal finance accounting software ideal for home budget and personal finance management. This free budgeting software comes with all the tools you need to manage your money. But it is limited to two accounts.

Main features of AceMoney Lite

  • Enables you to track your spending habits and see where the money goes
  • Create and manage home budget
  • Do financial math in multiple currencies
  • Download and import information from online banks in QIF and OFX formats
  • Export your financial info to HTML, Text and CSV formats
  • Include loan, savings, and mortgage calculators
  • Pay bills
  • Schedule backups
  • Generate different reports, including cash flow reports, category reports, payee reports, budget reports and investment reports
  • Support over 25 languages

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS X

Website: AceMoney Lite budgeting software

Mvelopes Free

Mvelopes is one of the best budgeting software that can help you to get out of debt faster. The application comes in three plans: Mvelopes Free, Mvelopes Premier and Mvelopes Coaching. The free budgeting software is the trimmed version of the premium.

Main features of Mvelopes free

  • Track net worth, bills, manage budget and plan ahead
  • Support 4 online bank accounts
  • View annual envelope spending
  • Email and community forum support
  • Set up spending plan and divide your money into spending categories
  • Give accurate, up-to-date information for each spending category
  • Employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect all information

Compatibility: Web-based application

Website: Mvelopes Budgeting Software


Budget Cactus is freely available online budgeting tool that enables you to keep track of your spending and allow you to setup a monthly budget plan.

Features of Budget Cactus

  • Track where the money is going
  • Track your debts and improvement
  • Shows item history that can view the progress you are making
  • Shows steps of planning, budget and goals
  • Shows upcoming monthly bills

Compatibility: web-based application

Website: Budget Cactus

Buxfer Basic

Buxfer is among the best web-based money management software that helps you to manage your money wisely. It helps you understand where the money goes, reduce unwanted spending, budget your spending and save for future goals. Buxfer comes in three types of plans: Basic, Plus and Pro. The Basic plan is free but has important money management tools. You can easily upgrade to the premium edition for more features.

Main features of Buxfer basic

  • Support automatic bank sync
  • Enter your data from any bank
  • Support up to 5 accounts
  • Support 5 budgets
  • Support unlimited transactions
  • Set and budget weekly, monthly or yearly spending
  • Track Shared expenses and IOUS
  • Send money for free
  • Upload bank statements or files from other financial software
  • Support 5 bill reminders
  • Employ industry standard 128-bit and bank level 256-bit encryption technology to secure communications

Compatibility: Web-based application

Website: Buxfer Money management 

Budget tracker

BudgetTracker enables you to manage your money so that you can easily get out and stay out of debt. It is web-based free budgeting software comes with complete money management features.

Main features of BudgetTracker

  • Keep track all transactions including checking, investment savings, and PayPal accounts
  • Create budget by category and envelope
  • Receive reminders to your phone or email when the bills are due
  • Track you spending and sync your transactions by importing
  • Support scheduling income (keep track of your paychecks or other sources)
  • Comes with small business tracking and management tools such as invoices, estimates, project planning, balance sheets
  • View upcoming income, bills, transactions and forecast

Compatibility: Online application

Website: Budget Tracker budgeting software


Designed for Mac based PCs, Moneywell is personal finance software that helps to decrease you debt and increase your wealth. Moneywell employs envelope budgeting method.  In order to manage cash flow it is important to lay several envelopes and write budget category with the amount. The unlicensed Moneywell budgeting software has 200 transaction limits.

Main features of MoneyWell

  • Enables you to control your spending using even-based budgeting
  • View banking and budgeting details
  • Capable of holding thousands of transactions
  • Generate and reports with different content, totals, groupings, date ranges etc.
  • Support unlimited smart filters
  • Support currency and record transaction in different currencies
  • Single-window design with all the essential features
  • Compatible with EI Capitan

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion or newer

Website: MoneyWell personal budgeting

Ready for Zero

Ready for Zero is an award-winning online personal finance service that allows you manage and control your finance. It enables you to tackle debt and while protecting your credit.

Main features of ReadyForZero

  • Link all your accounts, including student loan, credit cards, and mortgages
  • Track your payoff plan and progress
  • Track credit score and receive personalized recommendations
  • Remind and notify any account changes, due dates and money saved, etc.
  • Provide industry standard any financial information protection (128bit SSL encryption)

Compatibility: web-based

Website:  ReadyForZero finance software 


OneBudget is free expense planner and spending tracker software which works on iOS 7.0 devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. OneBudget helps you to stay within budget plan.

Main features of OneBudget

  • Plan and track your expenses by category
  • Allows designing expense categories and allocates for each category
  • Enables you to visualize your budget (your expense plan and saving plan)
  • Monitor your expense and spending
  • View 6 month spending history for each category and give 12 month reports on savings
  • Helps you to increase saving

Compatibility: web-based for iOS devices

Website: OneBudget for iOS


Billster is freely available online budgeting software that provides the tools you need to organize personal and shared expenses.

Main features of Billster

  • Categorize and group personal bills
  • Shows complete breakdown of expenses
  • Record and report personal and group expenses
  • Save recurring expenses
  • Remind you about a payment
  • Use Bank level SSL security technology

Compatibility: web-based

Website: Billster Finance


Neobudget is a web-based budgeting software that enables you to budget your money using the envelope method. It is designed for people with little or no accounting background. Neobudget have two plans: free and standard. The free plan features 1 user, 1 account and 10 envelopes.

Main features of Neobudget free

  • Helps to visualize your budget by presenting information in virtual envelopes
  • Split transactions into envelope categories
  • Include tools that help you to plan future spending
  • Organize transaction using drag & drop method
  • Safely import transactions from the bank
  • Comes with advanced budget calculator and editor
  • Employ industry-standard encryption technology

Compatibility: web-based tool

Website: Neobudget budgeting software

Yodlee Money Center

The Yodlee Money Center is among the best free budgeting software that allow you manage all your personal expenses in one place.

Main features of Yodlee Money Center

  • View all accounts from all banks in one place such as investment, retirement, checking, savings, credit card, mortgage and more
  • Visually show where you are spending your money
  • Create categories and sort by date, merchant and amount
  • Create and set a budget based on real spending patterns
  • Comes with bill reminders to protect from late fees
  • Miles and points rewards summary
  • Set goals and achieve it by saving and tracking progress
  • Calculate and track your net worth
  • View asset allocation across all accounts
  • Protect information using Bank-level security (with 256-bit encryption technology)

Compatibility: Web-based application

Website:  Yodlee Money Center


Buddi is an open source personal finance and budgeting software designed for those who have little or no financial background.

Key features of Buddi

  • Create and manage accounts such as savings account at the bank, credit card, investment, etc
  • Set up a budget and create categories
  • Categorize income and expenses
  • Enter financial information and Record transactions
  • Generate reports (in different formats) where you review your budget and progress

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X, Generic Unix/Linux (requires Java Virtual Machine installed)

Website: Buddi personal budget software


CalendarBudget is an easy to use free budgeting software that helps you to organize your money online. It also helps you to make wise financial decisions, eliminate your debt and grow your wealth. This software uses bank-level security, 256-bit SSL encryption technology, for all communications.

Main features of Calendarbudget

  • Track your spending and your budget
  • Tracks and forecasts your use of money
  • Categorize expenses, monthly budgets and track each category
  • Track and plan your money in the past and future
  • Sawfly import transactions from online banking
  • Create multiple accounts and transfer one account to the other
  • Reminds your bills due so that you don’t miss
  • Discourages impulse buying and encourage cash payments for major purchases
  • Shows account balance and forecast account balance
  • Plan ahead for upcoming expenses and save for future
  • Support drag and drop

Compatibility: Web-based application

Website: calendarbudget free budgeting software

Spending diary

Spending diary is free and simple online service used to track and analyze your daily spending.

Key features of spending diary

  • Add spending daily and create categories
  • Track your money using weekly, monthly or custom date generated reports
  • Export your spending data for further analysis

Compatibility: web-based

Website: Spending Diary


Mybudget-online is free budgeting service capable of helping you to reach your personal financial goal. It works on Android, Windows Phone and iPhone devices. And it doesn’t require name, address or bank account to use the service.

Key features of Mybudget-online

  • Track and manage your money
  • Include bills reminder
  • Allows you to access anonymously
  • Create and manage categories
  • Generate and print financial charts
  • View all account balances

Compatibility: Online budgeting software

Website: mybudget-online


Grandbudget is also a freely available web-based budgeting application comes with essential features. Grandbudget supports auto categorization and bank statement import.

Main features of GrandBudget

  • Categorize spending and analyze spending by year, month and category
  • Auto categorizes imported data from excel/csv
  • Import bank statement in excel/csv format
  • Support filtering and exporting data
  • View budget vs spend graph
  • Fully customizable interface and more

Compatibility: web-based application

Website: Grandbudget free budgeting


MoneyStrands is the other popular free online money management tools that will let you achieve your financial goals.

Features of MoneyStrands

  • Create a budget and view your spending
  • Track all your financial activities and plan ahead
  • Set a personalized budget for any category and spend accordingly
  • Analyze and view expenses and cash flow and details
  • See your income, expense and spending on the calendar
  • Create saving goals and show progress
  • Protect all information with 256-bit bank level SSL encryption technology

Compatibility: works online

Website: monoeyStrands

Accounts and Budget

Accounts and Budget freeware

Accounts and Budget is simple personal finance software used to manage personal finances and home budget. The free version creates and manages only one bank account.

Features of Accounts and Budget

  • Enter all bank transactions and classify by categories
  • Generate reports by categories, by payers, payees and home budget
  • Create and plan home budget
  • Support function of customization such as alerts, filters, periods, etc.
  • Import popular finance file formats including QIF, OFX, OFC, CSV and import money data
  • Export financial data to CSV, HTML, QIF, OFX files

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7 and Android

Website: Accounts and Budgets 

DesktopBudget Lite

Desktop Budget Lite

Desktop Budget Lite is free budgeting and money management software used to manage all your finances. Initially the software was a trial version, now it is freeware software. Desktop Budget Lite can also be used managing small business finances.

Main feature of Desktop Budget Lite

  • Create new accounts, add investment and block/unblock account
  • Create budgets and budget categories
  • Include loan, mortgage and savings calculator
  • Create and edit transactions
  • View currency rates
  • Schedule transactions
  • Produce reports of cash flow, transactions, spending and budget
  • Control and manage all finances including checking, credit cards, loans, savings account and debts
  • Reminds and tell bills due date
  • Create forms and transactions
  • Filter information by date, categories, payees, accounts or investments

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7 and older versions

Website: Desktop Budget Lite

Which software did you like from this list? Do you any free personal finance software?  Tell us in the comment area.

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