7 best free database software

Are you looking for free database software that works like the professional versions? Here I have compiled the most popular free database programs. If your favorite database software is not listed, you are welcome to submit it here.

Database software enables you to collect, create, store, manipulate data. Using database you can simplify and automate many tasks both in business and personal level. Currently, there are different types of databases geared to particular task. Before downloading any kind of database software, it is worth to check the features first and make sure that it is in line with your requirements and specifications.

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MySQL free database

MySQL is one of the best and open source free database software used by many companies and organizations including Google, Facebook and Adobe. Comparing to other database programs, MySQL is fast, reliable, scalable and easy to use.

Main features of MySQL database (including publisher’s description)

  • Is Relational database  that stores data in separate tables
  • Supports SQL (Structured Query Language) database language
  • Is an open source, ideal for anyone to use and modify the software
  • Works in client/server or embedded systems
  • Uses multi-layered server design
  • Supports ODBC interface
  • Support multi-threaded that enabled to use multiple CPUs
  • Provides transactional and non-transactional storage engines
  • Support many data types including signed/unsigned integers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 bytes long, etc
  • Support full-text search
  • Support replication
  • Secure database using password and encryption
  • Connect clients suing several protocols
  • Includes several client and utility programs and many more features

Compatibility: works in multiple platforms and thread package (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, several Unix variants)

Website: MySQL Database software

SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express is a free database software developed by Microsoft. It is particularly perfect for developing and powering desktop, web and small server applications. It works with web application framework like PHP and applications such as Drupal and WordPress. It also supports most of the database features.

Main features of SQL Server (including publisher’s description)

  • Supports PHP Data objects
  • Provide 10GB of storage per database
  • Easy backup and restore functionality
  • Compatible with all editions of SQL Server and Azure SQL database
  • Support Management studio that allows to configure, manage, administer and develop all components of SQL Server
  • Ideal for WordPress blog
  • Can synchronize data
  • Free to develop on, deploy and get updates

Compatibility: Windows XP, 2003, Vista and Server 2008 (available for 32-bit and 64-bit)

Website: SQL Server Express


Grubba is an online free database software that works similar to MS Access and Filemaker Pro. You can create your own customized database or use the built in template online. It is applicable for home and office use.

Features of Grubba

  • Allows to create custom database
  • SSl Secure
  • Support custom search and forms
  • Custom input field filters
  • Support multiple users
  • Fully personalized and 24/7 access
  • Export data to print
  • Export and import .CSV data
  • Upload documents and send e-mails

Compatibility: online database

Webpage: Grubba free database

SSuite Office – MonoBase

SSuite Office – MonoBase is simple and free database software that can create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields and rows. It is an all in one personal database creator and ODBC administrator.

The features include

  • Support unlimited database creation with unlimited tables, fields and rows
  • Compatible with ODBC database with any size
  • Support table filter
  • Run SQL statements with the SQL query engine
  • Create custom reports
  • Export data
  • Print tables and queries
  • Simple graphic user interface and helpful starter guide
  • Open up to 5 databases simultaneously and more

Compatibility: works with all Windows including 32 and 64 bits

Website: MonoBase Database

SSuite Office FileWall

SSuite Office – FileWall is a free database software that allows you to store important files and documents in a secure database. It is client-server database applies for advanced users and database administrators.

Features of SSuite Office – FileWall

  • Import, export and add new document (including images and media) to the database and allows full document control
  • Support enhanced document compression for a more efficient and smaller database
  • Create and view unique log file history
  • Support multiple document import
  • Create multiple categories on different security levels
  • Provide user and administrator level access rights
  • Full search capabilities

Compatibility:- All Windows Operating Systems and requires Microsoft SQL server

Website: FileWall free database

Reflect CRM Customer Database

Reflect CRM Customer Database is free database software designed to easily track customer relationship information, interactions, notes, tasks and events. It is customer relationship management software.

Features of CRM (publisher’s description)

  • Store any number of to do items, notes and events linked to a customer
  • Set reminders for events, such as phone calls or meetings
  • Easily filter data to generate customer reports
  • Print, fax, email or export reports to PDF
  • Supports multiple users and remote and mobile access with web access mode
  • Import customer information from a .csv file
  • Very easy to use for day-to-day operation
  • Install and run customer relationship software in less than 60 seconds
  • Run multiple businesses from one installation of Reflect CRM Software

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7/8 and Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Website: CRM Database software


Firebird is an open source and free database software that offers several ANSI SQL standard features. This advanced relational database software performs from an embedded single-user model to enterprise wide deployments. FireBird support a number of hard ware and software platforms. The software is free for both private and commercial use.

Key features of FireBird

  • Support multi-generation architecture that enables to deploy and support hybrid OLTP and OLAP applications
  • Compatible with ANSI SQL and support common table expression (CTE)
  • Support Cross database queries and Active tables concept and events
  • Offers real time monitoring, SQL debugging, audit
  • Integrated with Windows domain/Active Directory security
  • Support many types of database connection including JayBird (Java), PHP for Firebird, FireRuby, Delphi, and more
  • Run as a service or as application
  • Support backup and restore
  • Up to 20Terabytes database supported
  • Multi-CPU and multi-core SMP scalability
  • Integrates full text search engine and more features

Compatibility: Windows, Linux (Fedora, Opensuse, CentOS, Mandriva, Ubuntu), Mac OS, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris (support 32 and 64-bits)

Website: FireBird relational database

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