10 free hotspot software for windows

List of completely free hotspot software that provide the easiest way to share your laptop/PC internet connection with your family, friends and coworkers. No router or additional device is required when using one of these free virtual wifi router programs.


mHotspot is completely free hotspot software that converts your laptop into a virtual wifi and creates a secure wifi hotspot. It is the most downloaded hotspot app on CNet. Using mHotspot, you can easily share a single internet connection for multiple devices like smart phones, laptops, android phones, PDAs etc.

Features of mHotspot

  • Support connecting upto 10 devices to the hotspot
  • set your own hotspot name
  • Able to share any type of internet connection including LAN, ADSL, Modem, Data-cards, Ethernet, 3G/4G, Wifi etc
  • support Android phones, ipads, PDAs, tablet pcs and other devices
  • Shows details of connected device: Name, Ip Address, Mac Address
  • Secure Wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security
  • Shows the network usage such as upload and download speed, Transfer Rates
  • support extending Wifi range
  • Allows setting max. number devices that can be connected

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: mHotspot free hotspot app

HotSpotSystem Basic version

HotSpotSystem provides two versions of hotspot software: Basic and Basic Plus. Basic service is completely free hotspot software and limited to 500 sessions or logins. The premium features are not supported in the Basic service. You need to sign up for free to use both versions.

Features of Hotspotsystem basic version

  • Comes with multiple splash page designs
  • Auto detect and show phone optimized versions for Mobile Phones
  • Support network abuse management: set Bandwidth and Traffic limits per user
  • Support managing unlimited number of devices
  • Export Transaction list in CSV
  • Allows you uploading your own logo
  • Fully customizable Skins and available in 15+ languages
  • Support customize on the fly
  • Support through public forum

Compatibility: no software downloads, free signup required

Website: HotSpotsystem Basic Version

Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hostspot is one of the best free hotspot software that easily turn laptop or notebook into a portable WiFi hotspot and share your wireless internet connection with your families, friends, coworkers, etc. It shares internet connections such as DSL, Cable, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-up, etc using the built-in wireless card.

Features of Free WiFi Hotspot

  • Create WiFi hotspot and turn your laptop into WiFi Router
  • Compatible with any WiFi client Device including Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, Wireless printer, etc.
  • Support several types of network connection types
  • Customizable hotspot ID (SSID) and password
  • Shows status of hotspot and display detailed network information
  • Support creating portable WiFi hotspot

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Website: Free WiFi Hotspot


MyHotspot is professional Wireless LAN software that enables you to share internet access to your customers. This free hotspot software is fully functional and comes with lots of features. It controls download, upload, data transfer, time usage, visited pages, etc.

Key features of MyHotspot

  • Support dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Provides you with a table overview containing all internet sessions on your WiFi Hotspot
  • Record all sessions and show all statistical information
  • Create new user account, edit or delete an existing account
  • Create, edit, delete, export or printing existing Prepaid-Code list
  • Comes with user friendly login page
  • Can be used as intelligent POS System
  • Include Bandwidth Manager
  • Include Firewall, Port filter and web filter tools
  • Support design customization
  • Include Infobox that keeps a customer informed about remaining time and balance
  • Automatically logs out a user when time expires
  • Gives ability to customers to open specific free websites without authentication
  • Buy FlatRate and support SMS authentication
  • Support Mobile devices (it is specifically designed for Mobile devices)
  • Allow free access if login with social account

Compatibility:  Windows XP, Vista, Server, Windows 7 and 8

Website: MyHotspot-Wireless LAN

My WIFI Router

My WiFI Router is a free virtual WiFi router program that enables you to convert your laptop and PC into a WiFi hotspot.

Features of My WiFi Router free hotspot software

  • Share single internet connection such as LAN, Ethernet, Data-card, 3G/4G, Wifi for multiple devices like laptops, android phones, smartphones, PDAs, Ipads
  • Display connected devices Name, IP Address, Mac Address
  • Manage connected devices: black it, Release it, and Limit the Network Speed
  • Support video sharing over WiFi hotspot
  • Extend the range of your home or office WiFi

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8

Website: My WiFi Router

Wifi HotSpot

WiFi HotSpot is completely free hotspot software that can easily turn your PC into a wireless hotspot/ a virtual router with one click.

Features of WiFi HotSpot

  • Share internet connection with mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, computer and any wireless enabled device
  • Give custom Network Name (SSID) and Wireless Password
  • Display download speed and total data transfer and View connected devices
  • Support Auto Start
  • Set the default shared network adapter
  • Limit number of allowed connected devices
  • Create wireless HotSpot without logging into your PC

Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

Website: WiFi HotSpot


MyPublicWiFi is easy to use and free hotspot software that turns your laptop or PC into a WiFi wireless access point. It also set up temporary access point in places like hotel room, home, meeting or the like.

Features of MyPublic WiFi

  • Turn your computer into WiFi Access Point
  • Include Firewall to restrict user access to specific servers and prevent use of certain internet services
  • Record all sessions action on virtual WiFi-Hotspot
  • Track all visited URL pages
  • Display connected devices info like IP Addresses, device names and MAC Address
  • Easily start/stop virtual WiFi Hotspot
  • Use MyPublicWiFi as Repeater
  • Support internet connection devices such as Etherent, WiFi, DSL, 3G/HSDPA/4G
  • Support 6 languages

Compatibility: Windows 7 and Windows 8

Website: MyPublicWiFi

Winhotspot WiFi Router

Winhostspot WiFi Router is simple and free virtual WiFi Router that allows you to share internet from Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices to smartphones. Some of the main features include Scan WiFi, shows client IP and Mac Address, built-in repair tools, install Microsoft Port WiFi driver and finally the software is updated regularly.

Compatibility: Windows 7 and 8

Website: Winhotspot WiFi Router

Maryfi free hotspot software

Maryfi is easy to use and free virtual router software capable of sharing any internet connection wirelessly. It support cable modem, cellular card, or another WiFi network. It also supports other WiFi enabled devices including smart phones, laptops, music players, gaming systems, proxy and vpn connections.

It secures the WiFi access point by password protected WPA2 Encryption. It connects any WiFi enabled device including Mobile devices to MaryFi connection.

Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1

Website:  MaryFi

Perfect Hotspot

Perfect Hotspot provides an easiest way to turn your PC into WiFi hotspot. Using this lightweight and free hotspot app, you can share your WiFi internet to other device like smartphones, tablets, wireless printer, and wireless camera.

Compatibility: Windows 7 or higher

Website: Perfect Hotspot

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