14 completely free MP3 download programs for Windows and Mac

These days music is on all over the net, but getting the right album and artist a bit hard. Here we list top 14 free mp3 download programs that enable you search, locate and download your favorite mp3 music from entire net. Go ahead and try one of the programs and let us know on comment area.

MP3 free downloader

MP3 free downloader is one of free mp3 download programs that allow you search and download all types of mp3 music from all genres. The program is fast and easy to use. It comes in two editions: free and Pro. The pro edition includes additional features such as unlimited download, mp3 with higher bitrate, batch download and advanced search capability.

Main features of MP3 free download software

  • Search entire net for mp3 file
  • Can play mp3 songs
  • Support advanced search by Artist, Title, Album and edition
  • Provide top 100 USA Airplay Songs
  • Support song categories
  • Support all portable devices including mp3 players, iPod, iPhone, cell phone, PSP, etc

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bits)

Website: MP3 Free Downloader


Songr is one of the best and full featured free mp3 download programs that allow you to stream, download and play music files from web servers. Songr aggregates results from 16 mp3 search engines. Songr is fast and easy to use

Main feature of Songr – one of free mp3 download programs

  • Stream and download music from multiple web services such as Grooveshark, Prostopleer, MusicSearch, YouTube and many others.
  • Searches by lyrics and full album
  • Download HQ/HD YouTube videos
  • Sort out high quality MP3s
  • Able to find the name of a song by keyword and listen to a preview of the song
  • Support searching by genres
  • Provide links to Amazon and Rhapsody to buy music
  • Auto update it’s with more search engines
  • Provides short biography of the singers
  • Available in many languages

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: Songr

Super MP3 download

Super MP3 download is mini software which enables you to search and download from 100 million plus MP3 music library for free. It is pretty similar with MP3 free downloader and comes in two editions: free and Pro. The Pro edition comes with unlimited features: unlimited download, higher bitrate and faster download and download multiple songs at a time.

Note: at the time of writing this post, Google chrome warned me not visit the download page as it contains harmful programs. I however ignored the warning and downloaded the software without problem.

Main feature of Super MP3 download

  • Allows you to search and download free mp3 music from all genres
  • Provided unlimited online listening
  • Bring the hottest songs from the USA Airplay hot 100 every week

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bits)

Website: Super MP3 Downloader

Free SoundCloud downloader

As the name implies, Free SoundCloud downloader is a program which allows you to download music from SoundCloud.com. You just select the typical SoundCloud mp3 URL and copy the link to search bar and download the music, very simple. It supports downloading music files from multiple URLs simultaneously. It also supports drag and drop.

Compatibility: All versions of Windows

Website: Free SoundCloud downloader

SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downloader is one of an online free mp3 download programs which enables you to download music tracks from SoundCloud. It is very easy to use the service, just copy and paste the track link and let the program do the rest of work.

Website: SoundCloud Downloader


Anything2MP3 is an online SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3 conversion tool that enables you to convert videos to MP3. It is more of a conversion tool than a downloader. Other than the conversion capability the tool allows you to search and download mp3 files from internet.

This conversion tool doesn’t require additional software installation; it works on server based environment and supports MP3 compatible devices such as PC, MAC, iPod, SmartPhone, PSP, Zune, Zen, and so on.

Website: Anything2MP3 

Free Online MP3 Grabber

MP3grabber.net is an online service that enables you to grab mp3 from online videos and other music sites such as YouTube, MySpace, DailyMotion, MTV, Yahoo and other video sharing site. It also searches and grabs any MP3 you want. The program allows you to search either with URL or keywords.

Main features of MP3 Grabber

  • Search and download mp3 music compatible with any mp3 player
  • Able to grab mp3 from hundreds of online video sites
  • Support video to mp3 conversion
  • Allows you sharing your mp3 with others through social media

Compatibility: no installation needed, works online

Website: Free Online MP3 Grabber


GetMp3 is another free mp3 download program that allows you search and download music from online servers such as GrooveShark, SoundCloud, VK and YouTube.

Main features of GetMP3

  • Search and Download mp3 music
  • Able to search full albums of an artist
  • Able to get Top Artist and Music
  • Support downloading multiple songs simultaneously
  • Listen music and show music spectrum in real time
  • Able to convert YouTube music to mp3 music

Compatibility: Windwos XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Website: GetMp3

Music2pc – free mp3 download programs

Music2pc is also among free mp3 download programs which help you to find and download your favorite mp3 songs from entire net. It searches among 100 million plus tracks and download for free. The software also has a version that runs on portable devices as well.

Main features of Music2pc

  • Find and download mp3 music
  • Searches either by artist name, song name, album edition
  • Support multi-thread downloading, can download multiple songs at a time
  • Support any mp3 players including iPad, iPhone, Mobile phone, PSP, iPod, etc
  • Download the latest songs from all genres

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Website: Music2PC


MediaDrug is one of the best free mp3 download programs which allows you search and download mp3 music files. It is built in with full featured tools and works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The unique of feature of this software is that you can easily add your favorite music to your playlist without downloading. The program remembers your favorite music, so that you don’t have to search the music again.

Main feature of MediaDrug

  • Search and download music
  • Allows you to hear music directly from internet
  • Create and manage full featured playlists
  • Store your music search history
  • Employ handy tab system for easy music access

Compatibility: Windows including Windows 8, Mac, Linux and Android

Website: MediaDrug


MP3jam enables you to download best high-quality mp3s hosted by YouTube. Using this free mp3 download software, you can search and find any song, artist or organized albums and ready for download. MP3Jam is optimized for fast YouTube music search and download.

Main features of MP3jam

  • Search, preview and download full album hosted by YouTube
  • Allows you downloading a single track or entire mp3 album
  • Support listening tracks from the download history
  • Support searching mp3s by genres
  • Has over 20 million music library
  • Allows downloading music in mp3 format
  • Easily shares your favorite music track right from the music software

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: mp3jam

Music Chow

Music Chow is another great tool for searching free mp3s, it works like search engine. It searches any music file that you requested and return the result. After searching you can either play or save your favorite music straight from the software interface. It has over 3 million free songs library.

Main features of Music chow

  • Crawls music related sites and search any music file you asked for
  • Support full HD audio
  • Has built-in music player
  • Lists top Artists
  • Support Multi-language

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: Music Chow


Pymaxe is open source software which enables you to download music and video clips from internet. Pymaxe is simple and easy to use tool. You can download both mp3 music and video clips using this free mp3 download software. The program is free and those with rich programming experience can even modify or develop it further. Other than downloading your favorite music, you can convert videos to mp3.

Compatibility: Cross-platform application, works on Windows and Linux

Website: Pymaxe

Lacey – free music and video downloader

Lacey is free music and video downloader program which search and download music and video from multiple websites. The software gets videos and converts them to mp3 from video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. After downloading a song it sort songs into folders named after the artist. It also downloads album cover and cover art tooltip.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10

Website: Lacey free Music and video download 

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