6 free novel writing software for Windows and Mac

Here are free novel writing software designed specifically for writing a novel. These novel writing programs  allows you research, gather, organize, develop structured plot and edit your manuscript. Using the novel writing programs you can easily create and manage chapters, scenes, characters, items, add notes, etc.

You can choose one of the writing software type available on the internet: the desktop version or the online service. Try one of them and let us know on the comment area.


yWriter is the most popular, simple and free novel writing software designed to help authors manage their novels easily and creatively. Using yWriter the author can have real overview their writing, break novel into chapters and scenes, jump from scene to scene,  re-read a version from a while ago and so on. Write your novel in any word processor and manage it by importing the file into yWriter.

Main features of yWirter

  • Manage and organize a novel using a project
  • Add chapters, scenes, items, and locations
  • Import your file from any Word Processor in plain text or RTF format
  • Suggest plot ideas and reorder scenes
  • Support automatic backup (with scheduling) of your writing
  • Allows you to print out scene reports and summaries
  • Export writing project to an RTF and HTML document
  • Display word count and saves a log file
  • Support viewpoint character, goal, conflict for each scene and automatic chapter renumbering
  • Support drag and drop scenes, chapters, items and locations and many more features

Compatibility: all Windows version including Windows 7 and 8, Linux, Mac OS X

Website: yWriter Noverl Writing software


LitLift is an easy to use and online free novel writing software which helps you research, store, organize, write and share your writing. Since it is an online application you also get reviews and feedback from other authors on your writing. You can write your story in private or share it with others.

Features of LitLift

  • Create chapters, scenes, characters, settings and hems
  • Help develop and organize writings
  • Include feature rich and enhanced text editor
  • Support plot line chapter and scene storyboard
  • saves to the cloud with daily back-ups
  • Use secure servers for file storage
  • Easily share the writings publically or privately

Compatibility: It is an online service, no software download. Free signup is required.

Website: Lit Lift free online novel writing 


StoryBook is an open source and free novel writing software that helps to organize characters, scenarios and plots for your book. StoryBook is more of organized database than typical word processor. It offers the best way to create, manage and organize ideas, locations, characters structure your book.

Features of StoryBook

  • Create and manage chapters, scenes, characters, locations and strands
  • View your book in three different formats: chronological, Book and chapters and scenes
  • Report, export and view your book summary, character list, location list, CSV character list, CSV location list, CSV book summary to different formats including Text, PDF, HTML, CSV, RTF and ODT (open document text)
  • Allows you to easily navigate to chapters and task lists
  • Support dividing a novel into chapters, parts, and scenes
  • Add, edit and remove chapters, characters, locations, strands and parts
  • Create different types of overall and part related charts including Gantt Chart of Characters, Occurrence of Characters, Occurrence of Locations, Appearance of Characters by Scene, Appearance of Characters by Date and Usage of Strands by Date.
  • Export charts as PNG and many more
  • Support object tree view

Compatibility: Works on Windows including Windows 8 and Linux

Website: StoryBook


Yarny is simple and easy to use online writing software comes with basic text editor features. You just go to the web page start writing by giving proper title. It includes features such as Snippets that helps to organize your writing, searching/Tags, add tags to snippets that help you find it later. Also it allows you to add ideas, research notes, describe location or provide a character back story for reference. If you delete a snippet from your list, you can easily restore back.

Compatibility: online service, free signup is required

Website: Yarny

My Writing Spot

My Writing Spot is simple writing software built-in with all the essential novel and quick notes writing features. The software helps to focus on writing your novel.

Main features of My Writing Spot free novel writing software

  • Include command bar with Save Document, New Document, Rename, Send to Email, Download, Delete, Toggle Sidebar, Log out tools
  • Comes with simple interface
  • You to back up your document: either you can send to your email or download to your computer
  • The application runs on Google’s App Engine infrastructure
  • Available for iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Support keyboard shortcuts
  • Support Autosave, Word Count, Dictionary/Thesaurus lookup and Document groups

Compatibility: works online, but requires signup

Website: My Writing Spot


Bean is simple and easy to use world processor software design for Max OS X. Even though it has some limitations, it provides basic writing tools.

Features of Bean

  • Include live word count, make template documents
  • comes with free-form footers and headers
  • has full and split window editing
  • Select text by text style, paragraph, color, etc
  • support page layout view
  • Read and write in different file format including .rtf, .rtfd, .bean format, plain text,
  • Import and export doc, docx and odt word formats
  • Export all Bean files to html, pdf, doc

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Website: Bean

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