7 free parental control software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Here is a list of free parental control software that helps you to control and manage your kid’s online activity. As you know, Internet could be the most dangerous place for kids to visit as there are many malicious and unsafe websites that bring short and long term effects on every child growth. It is therefore your responsibility to monitor and guide your child’s online activity and internet usage.

To help you on this matter, several parental control programs are developed. And here I have compiled some of the popular programs which I believe helpful for your kid’s safe internet browsing.

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Qustodio is a kind of software that helps you to prevent, understand and manage your children’s online activity. The software provides important and better way to protect kids. Qustodio is available in free and premium versions. The free version lacks some of the advanced features, but all the basic functions works.

Key features of Qustodio free parental control software

  • Scans, filter and block dangerous content and websites
  • Detects suspicious activities, Monitors and reports on social media activities
  • Track, set and limit internet usage time and locks devices when time is up
  • Monitors children’s activity on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Control applications and games
  • Allows you to manage kid’s activity from any web-enabled device and support tracking multiple kids
  • Shows to whom they are talking with and the content they are sharing
  • Multi-user and multi-device support

Compatibility: Runs on any Windows PC, Mac and Android devices

Website: Qustodio

K9 Web Protection

K9 Web protection is free parental control software that allows you to filter unwanted content and provide safe online activity for your kids.

Features of K9 Web protection

  • Block unsafe sites such as pornography, gambling, drugs, etc
  • Support Safe Search on all major search engines
  • Set time limitations and configure custom lists
  • support overriding web page block with password
  • include enhanced anti-tampering
  • Real-time new adult and malicious sites categorization
  • View report to monitor and control web activity

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android

Website: K9 Web protection

Parental Controls Bar

Parental Control Bar is easy to use and free parental control software that works with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. The software is a Toolbar that  installs itself on the browser. From there you can customize it so that you can control and prevent your kids from explicit websites.

Main features of Parental Control Bar

  • Prevent your children from dangerous and adult sites
  • Has both types of Modes: Child and Parent mode
  • Control with parental password
  • Add Web Sites to either Safe List or Blocked sites list

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and works with IE 7 & 8, Safari 10.4

Website: Parental Control Bar

Norton Family

Norton Family is an online free parental control software that helps parents to monitor their kid’s internet activity from anywhere in real time. The software comes in basic and premier versions. The basic version is free.

Key features of Norton Family

  • Tracks all websites visited by kids and blocks dangerous sites from their PC, Mac or Android device
  • Monitor your children Social networking sites activity
  • Track phrases, words, terms used by your kids to search the internet and lets you filter unsafe content
  • Prevent your kids from sharing sensitive information online
  • Shows the time your kids spent online and set limits of internet usage for specific hours or days
  • Send email alerts when your kids try to access blocked sites
  • Allows you to control your Kid’s internet activity from your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile device
  • Allows you to set predefined and customizable House Rules based on age and maturity

Compatibility: Works online, requires free registration

Website: Norton Online Family 


KidZui is a popular kid’s stuff web page that provides safe internet exploration. KidZui is a kind of browser designed for children. All kid’s websites, online games, videos, educational materials and pictures are packed with this cool kid’s browser. I highly recommend KidZui for your kids.

Main features of KidZui

  • Search and find millions of Kid-friendly materials such as YouTube videos, online games and websites
  • Make sure that your kid is exploring the internet
  • Save your favorites to check them later on
  • All materials presented in KidZui browser is approved by editorial staff
  • Allow your kids to play online games
  • Easy download and installation

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Also Internet Explorer 6 or later and Adobe flash player 9 or newer is required. For Mac Safari 3.0 or newer is required

Website: KidZui 

Windows Live Family Safety

If you are using Windows 7, Live Family Safety is already included with the OS Windows Live Suite. Live Family Safety is free parental control software comes with windows. Using Live Family Safety, you can limit your child’s PC time, the websites they visit, applications and games they use.

You need to set up an account to use the service and also you should set an account for each child you are going to monitor.

Features of Live Family Safety

  • Make sure your child visits appropriate site only
  • Block or allows specific webpages, applications and games
  • Allows you to specify hours when your children are allowed to use the internet and signed out automatically when the time is up
  • View online activity reports
  • Enables you to configure rating system for your children from 14+ systems

Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008 R2 (32 and 64-bits are supported)

Website: Windows Live Family Safety 


Visikid is also parental control software that works differently comparing to other typical applications. Here is a Quote from Visikid:

“Good parents know that holding the child in the cage isn’t a way to teach him the road safety. That’s why Visikid is blocking nothing and nothing is forbidden. It only lets check, whether the child behaves the way we taught them. When we already make sure that the child deserves this trust, we can simply with a clear conscience stop looking.”

Two kinds of editions are available: Standard and Pro versions. The Standard version is free but Free sign up is required to download and install Visikid on your computer.

Features of Visikid

  • Lets you track and know how long your kids are using a computer
  • Lets you know the pages they visit and the applications they use
  • Tracks for how long and when they use a computer
  • Allows controlling three kids simultaneously
  • Provide summary of your kids activity by email

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista and 7

Website: Visikid parental control program

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