Free pc security software

There are many free pc security software available on the net. When we say PC security software, we are referring programs such as Anti-virus software, Firewalls, anti-spywares, rootkits removers, anti-malware, encryption programs, etc.  Even though, each  of these security programs are designed for a specific purpose, all of them have one goal – to keep digital data from corruption, damage, theft, an authorized access, etc.

While installing security software is a must for any computer user, it is up to the user to choose the right one among from many security programs. For your information, I have listed here free pc security software widely used by millions of people including me.  These free security programs are capable enough to prevent your computer and data from different kinds of attack. You don’t have to install all of them, but try to mix from each program type. This will give your PC extra protection.

Free Anti-virus software

Anti-virus programs are applications designed to prevent computer systems and digital data from viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, adware, worms and other malicious malwares. Each malware has its own purpose, for example, a computer virus is a program that executes and replicates by attaching itself into application software, usually without the knowledge of a user. Whereas, a worm is a malicious program that spread quickly once it gets into a computer system. It therefore fills a computer and slows down PC and network performance. Unlike a Virus, A Worm doesn’t require a program to spread. It propagates through e-mail, USB flash disks and other communication Medias.

And, each day countless malwares are introduced, to fight back the threats you need to install an Anti-virus program. There are a number of best free pc security software, the most popular AV programs include AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentails, Malwarebytes Anti Malware, etc.

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Free firewall software

A firewall is a kind of program designed to prevent your computer from unauthorized access over the internet or network. All Microsoft operating systems come with built-in firewall. Apart from this, there are a number of free firewall programs that give additional layer of protection for your PC. In this group of free pc security software, ZoneAlarm, Sygate Personal Firewall, Comodo free Firewall, Sunbelt Personal Firewall are the most popular.

Download best free firewall software here

Free anti-spyware software

Spyware is a type of software designed to steal or collect different kinds of user information without user notice. Usually it is used for marketing and advertisement purpose. However, it could bring a threat and annoy users. Other Spywares such as home page hijackers install themselves as ActiveX controls and may bring severe damage. To prevent such kind of Spyware, there are a number of anti Spyware programs available for free. In fact, most of anti-virus programs have Spyware scanners as well, but there are powerful anti-Spyware programs designed to prevent Spywares. Some of in this group of free pc security software include SpywareBlaster and Spybot Search & Destroy.

Free anti-rootkit software

Here is description of Rootkit from AVG FAQ “Rootkit is an application (or set of applications), that hides its presence or presence of another application (virus, spyware, etc.) on the computer, using some of the lower layers of the operating system (API function redirection, using of undocumented OS functions, etc.), which makes them almost undetectable by common anti-malware software. Please note that rootkits can be either correct or malicious. Correct rootkits may be installed as a part of legitimate application. Rootkit can get to a computer using various ways. The most common way is through some trojan horse or some suspicious email attachment. Also surfing the web may result in installation of a rootkit, for example when “special” plugin (pretending to be legitimate) is needed to correctly view some webpage, to launch some file, etc.” Source:

Most of the AV programs don’t detect Rootkit,  it therefore good to install anti-Rootkit software. In this group of free pc security software AVG Anti-Rootkit, Panda Anti-Rootkit, Sophos, TDSSKiller (developed by Kaspersky Lab) and Avast Anti-Rootkit.

Free encryption software

“Encryption is the process of converting data into a format that cannot be read by others.” Source:

Encryption is one way of securing your data from non-authorized access. Privacy and confidentiality is the purpose of encrypting your files. You can encrypt files, folders, drives, hard drives, partitions, USB drives, Operating systems, etc. In this group of free pc security software, the most popular free encryption software include TrueCrypt, Sophos Free Encryption, AxCrypt, Safehouse Encryption software, AES Crypt and MEO File Encryption.

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