List of 8 free pdf compressor software & 17 online pdf compressor places

Here is a list of 8 free PDF compressor software and 17 online free PDF compressor places that can reduce large size PDFs. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular file format used to present and exchange any type of documents that can easily be shared and viewed online and on portable devices.

Sometimes PDF file could be large in size due to the photos and images included in the document. This, in other words, makes difficult to upload to websites and share the PDF with your friends and colleagues. In order to tackle this, you need to compress your PDF to make your PDF manageable and sharable.

When we come to PDF doc management, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Adobe Acrobat Pro are the best programs on the entire net. The Pro edition lets you optimize and compress any type of PDF Document from any type of program.

If you don’t have installed it on your PC, here we come up with a list of Free PDF compressor programs and online services that help you do this.

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Orpalis PDF reducer free

Orpalis PDF Reducer

Orpalis PDF reducer comes in three editions: Free Edition, Professional Edition for desktop and Professional edition for the server. Comparing the pro editions, the free edition has limited features. It, however, downsizes your PDF greatly. The free edition is free for personal and non-commercial use. I have reduced 4.5MB size PDF to 1.39MB PDF.

Features of Orpalis free PDF compressor software

  • Shrink your PDF size to small and manageable size
  • Support drag and drop
  • Support automatic color detection and layout analysis
  • Remove unused objects from your PDF
  • Resample and recompose raster images in a PDF
  • Support web view
  • Support 100+ input file formats

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


Free PDF compressor

free pdf compressor

Free PDF compressor software allows you to compress PDF documents easily and quickly without compromising on the quality.

Key features of Free PDF Compressor

  • Support processing multiple files at the same time
  • Shows the number of PDF files processing
  • Allows canceling any one of PDF being processed

Compatibility: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP


PDF Compressor is one of the best free PDF file reducer that helps you shrink large size PDF files to small size without losing document quality.

Features of PDF compressor

  • Compress PDF files to smaller size
  • Support compressing PDF files in Batch
  • Support encrypting PDF document
  • Keep the files the same and support lossless compression
  • Nice user-friendly interface
  • Support touch mode

Compatibility: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP


PDF Compressor net

PDF compressor net is a program that compresses large PDF to a smaller size so that it can be downloaded and shared quickly.

Features of PDF compressor Net

  • Support Batch mode
  • Remove restrictions from protected PDF files
  • Keep the quality of PDF document

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


Free PDF Compressor is a simple and lightweight program that enables you to reduce PDF greatly. In order to reduce your PDF file, you just browse and upload your PDF and Click on “Compress button”. There are five types of setting that produce different quality outputs. The smallest output file is with “Screen” setting the highest quality output is with “Prepress” setting.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


Reduce PDF Size is freely available software that enables you to decrease your PDF file. It comes with five different compression settings. According to your preference, you can select the desired setting and compress your PDF easily.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


PDF24 pdf creator

PDF24 Creator is a program that allows you to create a PDF document from any type of document and program. As a PDF creator software, it can compress your document to the desired size.

Main features of PDF24 PDF creator

  • Convert and create PDF document from any software
  • Act as a PDF printer
  • Support merging and splitting PDF documents
  • Allow you to extract pages from a PDF
    Copy pages between PDF documents
  • Can secure your PDF Document with password
  • Send produced PDF via email
  • Import images from devices such as scanners, webcams, and digicams
  • Include PDF screen capture tool
  • Sign PDF files and support TWAIN interface
  • Add watermark to your PDF file
  • Has built-in PDF preview
  • It is Multi-lingual

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


4dots free pdf compressor

4Dots Free PDF compressor software is easy to use program that enables you to reduce PDF files significantly. The program can integrate into Windows Explorer. I compressed 4.7MB PDF file to 1.4MB PDF size. Be careful, this software installs a third party software.

Main features of 4Dots Free PDF compressor

  • Compress PDF files
  • Support Drag and Drop
  • Supports command line functionality
  • Support compressing password protected PDFs
  • Support batch compress PDF documents
  • Allows you to compress images in PDF in different quality
  • Multi-lingual
  • Share your PDF right from the program interface

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP


Online free PDF compressor websites

Here is a list of 17 free online PDF compressors where you can easily upload your PDF and reduce to the smallest size. You don’t need to download and install software to use these, you only need internet browser.

PDF compress is one of the popular online PDF compressor places that shrink your large size PDF to a smaller size. It allows you to upload your PDF from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

SmallPDF browser-based free online PDF compressor services that can reduce your PDF file drastically. It can reduce your PDF files to 144dpi. SmallPDF process the compression in the cloud which helps to prevent system slow down.

PDFaid is an online PDF reducer service that allows you upload and shrink your PDF to small size. You can customize the quality of images in the PDF document using Image options. You can adjust color image quality, gray image quality, and monochrome image quality. Other options include compress streams, Unembed unusual fonts and remove layers. is a place where can manipulate your PDF documents. The optimize PDF file option allows you decrease the size of your PDF file. The service allows you to downsample the images in the PDF to the minimum size, 72dpi. also has compression options such as DCT (JPEG) compression, Flate (ZIP) compression, LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) and more.

Foxyutils provides online free PDF compressor service. Other than compressing PDF, it offers lots of PDF tools like PDF merge, split, convert, unlock, and protection. The service comes in three editions: Free, Premium and Business. The free service is limited in conversion and upload.

There are two compression options: Default and Aggressive. The Aggressive options reduce your PDF dramatically. It, however, makes your PDF lose the quality. I reduced 4.56MB PDF file to 2.17MB size, relatively good.

Upon free sign-up, you can either download the file to your computer or send to email or upload to Dropbox and Google Drive.

PDFpro is feature-packed online PDF tool comes with lots of basic and advanced PDF manipulation tools. Using the service you can convert PDF to Word, Print PDF, Email file, PDF to Image, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Edit PDF, merge PDF, Remove pages, unlock or lock PDF, Watermark PDF and more.

You can use it to optimize or compress your PDF file.

IlovePDF is also an online place where you can manage and compress any PDF files. The service includes many other PDF manipulation programs.

You can use it to merge PDF, Split PDF, convert PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG, watermark PDF, Unlock PDF and more.

The compress PDF tool allows you to upload and shrink your large size PDF to manageable small sized PDF. It has three options of compression level: Extreme compression, recommended compression and less compression.

I compressed 4.56MB PDF file to 1.03MB size using Extreme compression option.

Online2PDF is one of the best and the popular online PDF converter software. You can convert any files to PDF and vice versa. It also allows you edit, unlock, and merge PDF files.

Online2PDF has many additional options such as you can select a page, rotate, reorder, split, define header/footer, layout and compression. Furthermore, you can adjust the quality of images, image resolution, set zooming, page view on startup, create and set a password for opening, lock printing, copying and modifying.

I compressed 4.5MB PDF to 3.3MB using online2pdf.

Convertio is an online software that enables you to convert audio, video, image document, archive, presentation, font and ebook to different formats.

The software also enables you to upload and compress PDF without losing quality. PDF unlocking and merging are some of the other features come with the service. One of the unique features of Convertio is that you can upload PDF file from URL.

It uploads your PDF very quickly and saves the compressed PDF to Dropbox or Google Drive. It will also tell you that whether the PDF file you upload is well compressed or not.

Shortpixel is online image and PDF compression program that allows you upload images from URL and compress them without compromising the quality. It also provides free online PDF compressor tool where you can easily upload your PDF and reduce it to a smaller size. The software can compress either as a lossy version (less quality) or lossless version (more quality).

I compressed 4.6MB PDF to 1.4MB (lossy version).

JinaPDF is online PDF management tool that enables you to convert, compress, split and merge PDFs. You can convert PDF to the word, text to PDF, PDF to text, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Image to Text, Word to PDF extract pages from PDF and more.

JinaPDF offers free PDF compressor tool as well.

Sejda is an online PDF platform that provides both basic and advanced PDF management tools. Using this service you can Split your PDF, Merge, convert, secure or unsecure, add header and footer, give page numbers, watermark PDF and more.

It offers free online PDF compressor tool. After uploading your PDF, you can adjust the quality of the images in the PDF document using image quality and Image DPI. You can either download the compressed PDF to your computer or save to Dropbox.

PDF2Go is a popular online PDF converter website that provides useful PDF document management tools. It allows you convert, edit, compress, split, merge, protect and sort any PDF file you uploaded.

One of the options comes with PDF2go is compress PDF tool. It shrinks your large size PDF to small size PDF.

It supports Drag and Drop and can upload PDF files from a local folder, Dropbox and URL. PDF2go allows you to decrease PDF files on any device.

DOCUPUB is online PDF and image manipulation programs that can help you to reduce any large size PDF file. The software includes document converter and merges and resize PDF file.

There are four image compression presets: Low (high image quality), Medium, High and Maximum (very low image quality) from which you can choose your desired quality. You can also adjust Acrobat Reader compatibility, set image settings including color, gray and mono images.

It includes other useful functions such as discarding forms, bookmarks annotations, page labels, and more from the PDF document. Furthermore, DOCUPUP allows you to optimize your PDF for fast web view, create object streams, unembed fonts, remove duplicate objects

Compress PDF Co UK is free online PDF compressor service that allows you upload and compress your PDF file. It reduces all images size in the PDF document and optimizes for screens.

PDFCompressor is one of the best free online PDF compressor service that helps you shrink PDF documents without changing the DPI. The services lots of PDF manipulation tools such as PDF to DOC, PDF to DOCX, PDF to Text, PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, XPS to PDF, Combine PDF, JPG to PDF and Any to PDF.

The PDF compressor tool lets you upload up to 20 files at a time. It shrinks them and allows you download the file individually or at once in a ZIP archive.

PDF Zipper

PDF Zipper is the other popular free online compressor website that reduces you PDF size by optimizing embedded fonts, stream compression and removing unused data.

It allows you to upload any PDF file from local or URL. The software has two kinds of compression levels: Print and Screen. The “Print” option is for documents that will be printed and the “Screen” option is for viewing on screen.

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