6 free pos software for Windows, Linux and Mac

Here is a list of 100% free POS software that enables you to manage and simplify your retail business’s sale, accounting processes and inventory management easily and efficiently. Most of the point of sale programs listed here fits every type of business out there. Go and try your choice of POS system.

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Copper point of sale software – free POS software 

Copper point of sale software is free retail POS Cash Register software system that allows you easily sell and record transactions. It also provides other functionalities such as cash register system that store product information, checkout process, manage product pricing and discounts, etc. The software is free for non-commercial use.

Key features of Copper point of sales software

  • Record sales transactions
  • Produce and print receipts in multiple sizes
  • Support multiple payment method including cash, checks, credit cards
  • Produce transactions, salespeople, items, taxes reports
  • Support printers that use roll paper
  • Easy to navigate and compatible with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners
  • Support data backup and restore
  • Reports to analyze sales by item or sales person
  • Can be integrated with inventorial to maintain inventory data

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Website: Copper Point of Sale Software 

Regit Express Point of Sale

Regit Express Point of Sale is free POS software from American Precision Instruments. The software comes with wide range of features that will meet the needs of retail merchants.

Features of Regit Express POS

  • Has two main functional areas: Regit Express Cash Register and Regit Express Office
  • Support Tax inclusive and Exclusive sales
  • Support Bar Code scanner, Bar Code label printing programs and receipt printing
  • Support customer accounts and opens cash drawers
  • Dual Store capability and user definable tender categories
  • Customer database and history
  • Promotional sales pricing and transactions discounts
  • 100 Password Levels
  • Support endless customizable reports
  • Credit/Debit card interface
  • Signature capture device support
  • Calculate profit by department and inventory value
  • Support three sales tax levels
  • Import and export databases
  • Include simple backup utility and many more

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: Regit Express Free POS Software

POS Maid Free

POS Maid is one of the best free POS software designed for small and medium size business including Grocery store, Bakery, Auto/Car Sales, Clothing store, Electronic Store, Computer Store, Toy Store, Coffee Shop etc.

Key Features of POS Maid

  • Fully functional Point of sale software
  • Support multiple tax systems and options
  • Support for bank deposits, transfers, reconciliation, multiple accounts, multiple customer account
  • Full inventory control system
  • Support barcode scanning and  label printing
  • Include employee management and tracking system
  • Customer management and tracking
  • Support credit, debit and gift card processing
  • Track employee’s sales and export reports to Excel
  • Invoice and slip-receipt printing
  • Allow customizing receipts and invoices
  • Produce different kinds of reports such as financial, Profit, low stock, business traffic, etc
  • Export reports to excel
  • Support both touch screen and keyboard input
  • Create custom mailing list
  • Import data from different programs
  • Support inventory search and scheduling
  • support backup
  • capable of running on virtually all devices

Compatibility: Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Website: POS Maid

uniCenta oPos

uniCenta oPos is open source and free POS software designed for Bars, Café’s, Restaurants and a variety of other types of retails outlets. It is one of the most widely used POS software. The software feature rich that even competes with commercial POS programs. It has three types of Sales modes: Simple, Standard and Restaurant.

Main features of uniCenta oPos

  • Support Touchscreen POS
  • Account levels and sale, account settlement
  • Edit receipt and sales
  • Partial payment, price lookup, refunds, split receipts
  • Table management, transfer order item
  • Include inventory management system that include barcode, attributes, multi-warehouse, multi-store, opening stock, stock diary, stock level, transfers
  • Include customer management tools such as barcode generation, credit limit, customer information, label printing , multi-tax categories, transaction history
  • Include Employee management tools including access levels, breaks and leave, employee info, photo, security card
  • Support card processing, barcode scanning
  • Support Mobile POS capability
  • Customizable Receipts/Tickets, Customer Display, Customizable GUI
  • Multi-lingual, multi-payment, multi-printer, multi-tax rates, multi payment,
  • Produce customer, employee, sales and stock reports
  • Many more features

Compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Website: UniCenta oPOS

ProffittCenter EPOS

ProffittCenter POS is totally free POS software built in with full stock control and ordering functionalities.  It also comes with fully featured sales screen with intuitive interface.

Features of ProffitCenter POS

  • Support automatic ordering, shelf edge labels, bar code printing and stock taking
  • Support retail scanning at the point of sale
  • Allow for different tax regimes including VAT, sales tax, etc
  • Will help reducing stock holding
  • Allow sales of individual products, or department, to be transferred to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis and graphing
  • Include POS scanning

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Website: ProffittCenter EPOS

FPS free POS software

FPS POS System is designed for different kinds of businesses such as bars, restaurants, clubs, venues, lodges and similar businesses. The software is a multi-user point of sale system and comes with full featured functionalities.

Key features of FPS POS system

  • Create multiple user profiles
  • Create multiple stock categories with color coded to easily identify each item
  • Create multiple inventories which can be linked, cloned or merged into a single inventory
  • Export and import inventories to be manipulated by other programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Support multiple prices per item
  • Allows creating customer accounts and enable credit transactions
  • Enable usage of prepaid cards, club cards, cash, discount cards
  • Links cards to a user profile/customer account
  • Item’s price can be rounded off
  • Supports tabs
  • Generate and print many reports including sales, stock, account, shortfall etc.
  • Support network environment that allows for multiple sales points
  • Backup and restore data

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Website: FPS Free pos software

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