6 best free project planning software for windows, Mac and Linux 2016

If you are looking for free project planning software, here we have listed some of the best and useful project management programs for personal and commercial use.

Project planning software helps to plan, manage and organize projects. The programs listed here are applicable for small and medium size businesses and companies. Almost all of the free version lack advanced features.

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Organizer is the successor of Planner that offers more advanced features and tools. Both Planner and Organizer are from Dlophinity. Organizer is free project planning and management program that enables you to create hierarchical projects and fill them with variety of items. It is not complex but works like Microsoft Project.

Main feature of Organizer

  • Manage and organize projects
  • Hieratically store to-dos, tasks, facts, web locations, file location, Contacts, Agreements
  • Support subdividing projects
  • Support easy grouping of all actions
  • Display Gantt charts to have visual look on planning
  • Tasks can be waiting for to get an overview of things
  • Provide Online help and tutorial
  • Easy to use interface

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: Organizer


 Planner is a free project planning software developed to bridge the gap between a spreadsheet and more advanced project planning program such as Microsoft. The planner is designed for small companies or single person companies doing work for multiple clients. It also organizes task lists and projects.

Main features of Planner

  • Create Todo and planned tasks
  • Support multiple client and project
  • Create and display simple Gantt chart
  • View and print tasks, support filtering
  • Task start and end dates
  • Easy to use and user-friendly

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, NT, Windows 7 and 8

Website: Planner 


GanttProject is cross-platform, open-source and free project planning and scheduling software. It comes with more advanced features and functions.

Main features of GanttProject

  • Create Gantt Chart and work breakdown structure, draw dependencies, define milestones
  • Support assigning resource load chart
  • Generate PERT chart from Gantt Chart
  • Support exporting charts as PNG, PDF and HTML formats
  • Import and export Microsoft Project formats
  • Save and exchange data in CSV format
  • Allows sharing projects

Compatibility: Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Website: GanttProject


LibrePlan is an open source and web planning application that allows you to plan, monitor and control projects. Using LiberPlan free project planning software you can manage several projects. Also, LibrePlan is a multiuser program comes with all essential tools and advanced features.

Main features of LibrePlan

  • Support work breakdown structure planning (WBS), include planning tools such as level detail, allocation model, reusable work template, automatic resource allocation, offers a feature to allocate daily work hours by hand
  • Include project monitoring and control tools
  • Support outsourcing as part of the planning process
  • Track hours, progress and expenses
  • Support scheduling tasks
  • It is multi-project and customizable
  • Support resource management: machines and employees
  • Include reusable and flexible calendar
  • Categorize resources based on skills and roles
  • Import and Export data from/to other software
  • Share information easily
  • Comes with Complete authentication system
  • Employ LDAP Authentication
  • Generate and export configurable print views and captures the Gantt chart in image

Compatibility: it is web based application and compilation is needed for the desired operating system

Website: LibrePlan


XPlanner is a free project planning software comes with simple planning and tracking tools useful for the agile team following eXtreme programming. XPlanner requires jDK, a servlet and a SQL database to work with it (the files are included in the program).

Main feature of XPlanner

  • Support recording and tracking projects, tasks and iteration
  • Support online time tracking and time sheet generation
  • Virtual note cards and iteration accuracy view
  • Support exporting project and iteration info to MPX, XML, PDF and iCal formats
  • Generation of Metrices and charts of iteration velocity, distribution of tasks, and more
  • Attach notes to stories and tasks
  • Support the most used languages

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Website: XPlanner


FasterPlan is an online planning program that lets you organize any kinds of events including Bachelor party, Fill session at home, Picnic, Vacations with friends, shared apartment, etc . In order to use the service you need to sign up and create a Billboard. A billboard is a place where you put texts, polls and calendars. You can then invite your friends to post, poll and comment on the billboard.

Some of the features of FasterPlan include add widgets, invite friends and colleagues, link participants to User Accounts.

Website: FastPlan

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