8 free property management software

Here is a list of free property management software that enables you to manage multiple types of properties. These online programs have similar functions and tools as the commercial property management programs. But most of the property programs limit the units you would like to manage while they are allowing you to use the advanced tools included in the paid software.

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TrueRent free property management software

TrueRent is online and free property management software designed for landlords, property managers, tenants, applicants and owners. The software is full featured and comes with necessary tools. TrueRent is free for the first 50 units. And each additional unit costs $1/month.

Main features of TrueRent

  • Manage up to 50 units for free
  • Comes with automated Alerts and Reminders
  • Provides real-time at-a-glance reporting system for transactions such as rents and expenses
  • Provides customizable income and expense reporting
  • Safeguard your data with SSL strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root
  • Include investment analytics and provide real time evaluation of every property
  • Easy transaction management that include key features: transaction recording, recurring transactions, individual transaction attachments, address book
  • Has Tenant Portal where tenants easily submit requests, facilitate communications between owner and tenants. The owner can use tenant portal to post announcements, send alerts and other requests
  • Has Owner Portal, a line of communication between property managers and owners
  • Offer and process rental application online
  • Support full document management

Website: TrueRent property management software

Property Manager 3S

Property Manager 3s is online and free property management software that helps users to manage their rental properties. This full landlord software provides full package of online property management tools. You can access your property management data via a computer or other internet compatible device.

Main features of Property Manager 3s

  • Manage unlimited number of properties
  • Safeguard your data with Thwarte SSL certificate enabling and encrypted connection
  • Save, print and email unlimited forms for free
  • Manage tenancy details, provide live time rent book
  • Generates reports, recording closing statements, finalized balances and meter readings
  • Support downloading, print and email
  • Record payments as simple tick or detailed record on digital rent book
  • Create detailed bespoke property inventory forms
  • Support repeat tasks and notes
  • Set weekly or monthly email reminders for rental payments, tasks, gas safety checks, insurance renewals, mortgage end dates
  • Record utility references, providers, and account numbers
  • Record expenses under tax category and year
  • Pre-populate the land and property tax return
  • Support accessing data on a mobile website (has mobile version of PM3)

Website: Property Manager 3s

SimplifyEm Free Property management software

SimplifyEm is simple and easy to setup online property management software designed for property managers and landlords. The software is equipped with the necessary features and tools and comes as free and premium services. If you have 4 units/leases or less, the software is free. The software is applicable for most types of properties including single and multi-family housing.

Main features of SimplifyEM Free Version

  • Manages up to 4 units
  • Support tracking full income and expenses
  • Generate detail reports based on your preference
  • Support managing Tenant and lease information
  • Create professional monthly owner report
  • Manage vendors and year end taxes
  • Get your tenants to pay rent online as low as $1
  • Get free monthly real estate newsletter
  • Support email
  • Safeguard your data with encryption and firewalls

Website: SimplifyEm property management 

Rentec Basic

Rentec Basic is free property management software developed for small landlords who are managing a limited number of properties. RenTec products come in four versions: RenTec Basic, Rentec Pro, Associations and Rentec PM.

Features of Rentec Basic

  • Manage up to 10 units of properties and 10 tenants
  • Support tracking income and expenses, customizable reports
  • Support full property and tenant accounting
  • Provides tenant screening and criminal history
  • Provides online file management that enables secure file storage related tenants or properties
  • Produce management reports (E-File and schedule-E Tax and rental and vacancy reports)
  • Manage recurring transactions such as utility billing, landscaping, supplemental fees
  • Generate at a glance stats and charts of current and historical property performance
  •  Include automatic reminders
  • Provide 100MB online file storage

Website: RenTec Basic property management program

Free property software – BrilliantLandLords.co.uk

Brilliant Land Lords provides complete and free property management software designed for landlords. The Software manages unlimited properties and comes with a wide range of features that help you run your properties efficiently.

Main features of free property software

  • Manage each of your tenancies
  • Manage rent and other tenant charges
  • Integrated with finance and tax accounts, control and log expenditures by property, generate your tax return output
  • Support tenant management that enables to manage tenant enquiries and check tenants
  • Generate taylor made documents, bespoke documentation, pre-populate templates and upload your own documents and store online
  • Request quotes and order products
  • Integrate diary and alerts, generate key reminders, set key dates for you, send automatically sets up reminders
  • Integrate landlord services and financial products, ensure that your tax return is accurate

Website: Free Property Management


LeaseMaid is 100% free property management software for all landlords, property managers and brokers. It helps you to handle leasing apartments.

Main features of LeaseMaid

  • Process rental applications
  • Run credit and background checks
  • Prepare lease and disclosure packet
  • Collect rent and security deposit, get paid while complying with all local and national laws

Website: LeaseMaid

Cozy – rental management software

Applicable only in USA, Cozy is simple and free rental management software for tenants and landlords. The software is available to landlords and renters in all 50 US states and works on laptops and tablets.

Main features of Cozy

  • Unlimited number of tenants and properties
  • Collect rent online (no more checks and fees)
  • Scree tenants essential information (quickly see employment, salary history, credit report and references)
  • Check and update tenant credit
  • Bank level security and encryption
  • Use multiple deposit accounts to collect rent
  • Full access to landlordology educational tools and resources

Website: Cozy free rental property management software


Network4Rentals is online and free property management software designed to improve landlord and tenant relations. It enhances communications to and between property managers, landlords and tenants.

Key features of Network4Rentals

  • Include complete communication tools such as online service requests, online information, automatic document archiving, create rental history and so much more
  •  Easily forward a service requests to a contractor
  • Access tenant at all hours and add sources of record keeping
  • Confirm any communication sent by tenant
  • Receives service requests and pictures of the issue
  • Easy reference to a contractor
  • Accessed by a computer, smart phone or any internet compatible device

Webpage:  Network4Rentals

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