6 free scheduling software

The following free scheduling software allows you to automate tasks such as shift management, scheduling and rosters. Most of the scheduling program listed here are beneficial for managing employees’ shift and work schedule.

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DRoster Free Edition

DRoster is flexible and industry neutral free scheduling application designed to manage and schedule employee time, resources and enable respond to employee’s scheduling requests and business. The software is the lite version of DRoster Premium Scheduling Software which can be used for any business and organizations.

Main features of DRoster Free Edition

  • Create, schedule and track assinments
  • Can schedule up to 100 duties and shifts
  • Schedule an unlimited number of employees and positions
  • Has workstation, Client and Server for a network installation
  • Can be customized to the desired business
  • Uses non-proprietary Firebird database
  • Create, print and export reports
  • Backup data
  • Integrate all scheduling data with payroll software or any data source
  • Has user friendly interface and clean layout

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7

Website: DRoster Free Edition

Xandaro Scheduling

Xandaro is an online and free scheduling software ideal for salon and spa businesses used to manage and keep online book keeping.

Features of Xandaro

  • Allows both employer and employees to see the most up to date information
  • Allow to make and change appointments
  • Designed for beauty, wellness and hair salon
  • Support managing appointments using calendar scheduling
  • Manage employees work time, scheduled appointments, duration, type and price of each appointment

Compatibility: no software download needed, works online and require free signup

Website: Xandaro free scheduling software

Choice One Free (CalendarSpots)

Choice One is a web-based free scheduling program that allows you to accept appointments, manage booked appointments and resources. The application is ideal for service-based businesses such hair stylists, optometrists, physiotherapists, etc.

Features of Choice One

  • Allows unlimited online booking and 50/month internal booking
  • Allows customers to view availability for services
  • Book an appointment
  • Schedule customers who call to book an appointment
  • Include day, week and month planners
  • Support automated email reminders
  • Work with different types of appointment scenarios
  • Support request mode
  • Include client database
  • Implement certified SSL encryption and backup files daily

Compatibility: no software download needed, works online but require free signup

Website: Choice One Free scheduling

Clickbook Free

ClickBook is an online and free scheduling software which is used to manage and schedule customer appointments via any browser. Using ClickBook, clients have full access to appointment scheduler and reservation management dashboard and manage their appointments, bookings and calendar. The company has also paid versions that incorporate advanced features.

Main features of ClickBook Free

  • Support solo businesses with 1 physical address, mobile and online services
  • Create unlimited services and service categories
  • Support up to 50 upcoming bookings
  • Hold 3 months customer appointment history
  • Support mobile locations and services
  • Has customer database that helps to track history and add sessions
  • Create custom forms
  • Support subscription with popular calendars such as Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, Outlook and view appointments
  • Export customer and booking history in CSV formats for reporting and backups
  • Support customization of appointment start times
  • Receive daily email with a summary of upcoming appointments
  • Remind appointments via email
  • Support synchronization with devices that support iCal calendar subscription
  • Available via a mobile application
  • Can import customer email addresses and names

Compatibility: No software download needed but requires SIGN UP

Website: ClickBook Appointment Scheduler

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online and free scheduling program capable of scheduling appointments. Even though it lacks advanced feature which normally found in Premium and Professional edition, you can still use the free edition for simple scheduling.

Main features of Acuity Scheduling Free

  • Support single schedule
  • Support customization, but limited

Compatibility: no software download needed, only FREE SIGN UP

Website: Acuity Scheduling Software

Myscheduling Home

myScheduling home edition is a free scheduling software used for managing events and resources. This web based software is easy to schedule events from any computer connected to the internet. It comes in five different packages: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Home.

Main features of myScheduling Home

  • Support only one user
  • Support unlimited number of resources
  • Supported events are 200/month
  • Archive history for not more than 1 month
  • Schedule any type of appointments
  • Can be customized for different businesses

Compatibility: no software download, web based application. But requires FREE SIGN UP

Website: MyScheduling Home

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