best free scrapbooking software

Here are free scrapbooking software that enable you to create, design and compile custom made photo albums, ecards, post cards, slide shows, calendars scrapbook using computer. Scrapbook is an empty album or book where you can insert and stick pictures, photos, cuttings, newspaper articles and other materials in a unique and creative way.

Unfortunately there are not many free scrapbook programs, but you can still use the following free applications.

Scrapbook Flair

Scrapbook Flair is one of the best and free scrapbooking software that enables you to design and share your own digital scrapbooks. It is particularly best for creating digital photo scrapbook. Other than the software, the website provides free downloadable scrapbook elements and free community site to share your scrapbooks. If you want to be a member (freely), you will be provided with 10MB space and access library of new scrapbook elements.

Main features of Scrapbook Flair

  • Allows you to design and create photo scrapbooks
  • include different backgrounds, design ideas and templates
  • easily add images, pictures, text, balloons, etc
  • allows you to view page layout, print preview
  • support exporting scrapbook pages as jpg images and as a website file
  • Support 40 different image formats
  • has different online galleries including baby, celebrations, family, etc
  • Allows you to download more backgrounds, embellishments and design templates

Compatibility: Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Website: Free Photo Scarpbook Flair 

CraftArtist Compact

CraftArtist Compact is easy to use and free scrapbooking software that allows you to craft on your computer. This is the trimmed version of the CraftArtis Pro edition.

Main features of CraftArtist Compact

  • Create different kinds of craft projects and allows you to share and print
  • Comes with 12 free scrapbooking kits
  • Include crafting tools and materials
  • Support adding and editing text
  • Support drag and drop
  • Include helpful materials, on screen prompts and provide advice

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: CraftArtist Compact 

Mixbook online

Mixbook offers free online scrapbook editor that enables you design and create customizable photo books, cards and calendars.  The webpage provides many pre-designed and theme based templates from which you can pick your favorite design and start create your photo books. However, you need to pay in order to print your scrapbook.

Main features of Mixbook

  • Create and design digital scrapbook
  • Include free designs and easily customizable
  • Create customizable photo books, photo calendars, yearbooks, etc.
  • Easily add photos (from your pc or website), text, shapes and stickers
  • Add blank page, theme page, duplicate page, remove a page, drag and move
  • Include many types of professionally made layout designs, backgrounds, crop photos with shapes
  • Support Automix, that enables you to layout a project
  • Allows you to move, rotate, resize and zoom in photos
  • Support uploading your own creative elements
  • Preview and Save your work automatically
  • Support Undo and Redo

Compatibility: no download is required, but you need to sign up for free

Website: Mixbook free scrapbooking software

Smilebox Basic

Smilebox is a free scrapbooking software that lets you create and design artful photo albums, cards, invitations, slideshows and for every occasions. You can easily customize animated, online creations and printed keepstakes. The software available in two versions: Basic and Premium. The Basic service has limited functionalities and features, however, it good to start for the first time.

Main Features of Smilebox

  • Allows you to design, print, email, post to facebook and save your file
  • include 100+ templates and personalize based on your occasion
  • Can customize favorite titles and color palettes
  • include different designs for various themes including holidays, new year, invitations, birthday, slideshows, etc
  • Can add photos, text and music to your creation
  • Can post comments and likes from other members
  • Can save your creation to a DVD

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008, Windows 7 and 8

Website:  Smilebox Basic Scrapbook software

Funtime Scrapbooking Lite

Funtime Scrapbooking Lite is also freely available software that allows you to create scalable vector shapes and scrapbooking templates. After you create the templates, you can print it and cut with scissors. The software includes 10 fonts, 24 shapes. Also you can import and edit your photos.

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