Free security camera software

Currently, there are some free security camera software that compete with professional webcam surveillance software. If you want to monitor your home or office by using webcam, you need good surveillance program that perfectly works both with your computer and webcam.

Here I have come up with free camera software ideal for home and small businesses.


iSpy is one of the best and feature-rich  free security camera software that uses your cameras, webcams, IP cams and microphone to detect and record movement or sound. It is an open source surveillance software that support unlimited cameras and microphones.

Key features of iSpy camera software

  • Detect, highlight, track and record movement
  • Detect and record sound
  • Connect multiple computers in a ground and can manage over the web
  • Connect and monitor unlimited cameras and microphones
  • Support access and control cameras and microphones using mobile devices
  • Access and control iSpy remotely
  • Support schedule sound and video capturing
  • Allows to watch live and recorded media over the web
  • Support automation through batch files, command line, over the web and with mobile devices
  • Support password protection
  • Add an limited number of floor plans
  • Send email or SMS/MMS/ Twitter alert when movement or sound is detected and vice versa
  • Support desktop recording
  • Support YouTube Uploading
  • Support 15+ languages

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bits supported)

Website: iSpy security camera software

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also a free security camera software that detects people and moving objects in video streams for security and monitoring purposes. It comes in three versions: starter edition, basic edition and pro edition. The starter edition is free and only support single camera.

Main feature of Vitamin D starter edition

  • Detects people and moving objects (distinguish humans from objects)
  • Support single webcam or network camera
  • Support QVGA (320×240 ) video resolution
  • Exports clips in MP4 format
  • Send you an email notification when something happens
  • Review previously recorded videos

Compatibility: Windows XP SP2+, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Webpage: Vitamin D Security Camera Software


ContaCam is another free security camera software that works similar to other video surveillance software. The software is easy on system resources and works on all versions of windows. ContaCam supports unlimited parallel cameras setup.

Key features of ContaCam

  • Support CCTV Security Surveillance with motion detection and 24 hours digital video recording
  • Provide motions as animated thumbnails in web browser
  • Support remote watching
  • Support manual records and snapshots
  • Can be integrated with web server with password protection
  • Support Webcams, WDM, DV devices and MJPEG Network cameras (IP Cameras)
  • Support FTP Upload, send email with attached movement file
  • Stores audio for 24 hours recording and detection
  • Available in four languages

Compatibility: Windows 98 up to Windows 8

Website: ContaCam Video Surveillance

Webcam XP Free

WebCam XP is the most popular webcam and network camera software comes in different versions. WebCam free security camera software is intended for home users. Using the software you can capture or record at fixed interval.

Main feature of WebCam XP Free

  • Detect motion both optical and acoustic
  • Handle alerts in many ways including local recording, ftp, http post, launch external application
  • Support webcams, tv, analog or multi-input capture cards, IP cameras, Windows media streams, mobile ip camera
  • Supports a single video source
  • Local and remote pan , tilt and zoom control for supporting devices
  • Supported streaming modes include JPEG, Flahs client, Javascript, Windows media streaming, flash video streaming and windows mobile client
  • Support FTP/FTPS  uploading and HTTP/HTTP Post
  • Broadcast live video to website and support scheduling
  • Support audio from network  cameras
  • Can be started as service
  • Available for most known languages

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008, Windows 7

Website: WebCam XP Free

My Webcam Broadcaster

My Webcam broadcaster is another free security camera software that allows you view your webcam anywhere in the world via internet and mobile phone.  All you have to do is, you just download the software and register your cam.

Key features of My Webcam Broadcaster

  • Remotely view webcam recording
  • Compatible with all USB and in-built webcams
  • For PC, can add IP/Network Cams
  • Support control of Logitech and Creative pan and tilt Webcams
  • Allows to see camera through Firewall
  • Archive image snapshots at regular intervals
  • Share your cam with the world or keep privately

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Website: My Webcam Broadcaster


YawCam is simple and free security camera software built in with usual features of webcam surveillance camera. The software is written in java and works with Windows.

Feature of YawCam

  • Detect motion and support video streaming
  • Support FTP upload and text and image overlays
  • Can run as windows service
  • Support password protection
  • Support scheduling for online time
  • Multi languages

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Website: YawCam


ZoneMinder is video camera security and surveillance software that integrate set of applications which provide complete surveillance solution. This multi-featured free security camera software designed for Linux. ZoneMinder allows you to capture, analyze, record, and monitor any CCTV or security camera attached to a Linux based machine.

Main features of ZoneMinder

  • Work with single or multi-camera video security applications,
  • Support web and semi-automatic control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras
  • Support video, USB and network cameras
  • Can define multiple zones per camera
  • Supports live video in mpeg, multi-part jpeg
  • Supports even replay
  • Notifies event by email or SMS including attached images and videos
  • Automatic uploading of matching events to extern FTP
  • Large number of configuration options
  • Multiple users and user access levels with multi-language support
  • And more advanced features are included

Compatibility: Linux

Website: ZoneMinder

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