11 free voice recognition software

Using free voice recognition software you can get any written text (without typing) or speaking voice into a computer. This is done using a microphone, you just read or speak aloud through the Microphone and the speech recognition program then translates instantly to the screen. This hands-free way of typing is particularly useful for disabled person and those don’t know or like to type.

If you can’t afford to buy the professional voice recognition programs like Dragon Naturally Speaking software, try one of the free voice recognition software listed here.  Having good Microphone/Headset is recommended to get maximum result.

Windows Built-in speech recognition

If your computer is installed with Windows 7, then you can use the built-in free voice recognition program. Windows speech recognition allows not only dictate text into documents, using your voice you can start programs, open menus, click buttons, write and send emails.

Before using the application, you need to complete the Windows setup wizard that lets the computer to recognize your voice. For voice input, you can use Headset Microphone, Desktop Microphone and other array Microphones. It has also nice speech tutorial that teaches you how to use the speech recognition effectively.

Got to Control Panel==>Ease of Access to find Windows Speech recognition wizard, or click Start button and type “Speech Recognition” in the “Search programs and files” box.

Dictation Pro

Dictation Pro is free speech recognition program that allows you to create letters, documents, reports, e-mails by speaking into a microphone. For maximum accuracy you need to have good-quality headset.

Features of Dictation Pro

  • Converts your speech to text
  • Corrects incorrectly recognized words
  • Support multiple users on a single computer
  • Includes voice training to adapt to your speaking style
  • Creates custom voice commands
  • Includes word processing features such as cut, copy, paste, delete, change font, style, etc.
  • Save documents in popular formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF and TXT

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Website: DictationPro Speech recognition software


Dspeech is a Text to Speech program that integrates vocal recognition system. This free voice recognition software able to read aloud the written text and choose the sentences to be pronounced based upon the vocal answers of the user.

Features of Dspeech

  • Compatible with all vocal engines
  • Saves output as WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, or OGG file
  • Configures the voices in an independent way
  • Support vocal recognition system that allows to create dialogues with the user
  • Capture and reproduce the content of the Clipboard
  • Select and combine different voices

Compatibility: Windows NT, 2000, XP and Windows Vista

Website: Dspeech

ORIS 2: Speech Recognition

ORIS 2 is practical free voice recognition software that allows you to do tasks with your voice. Using your voice you can update twitter status, check your email, control home applications, launch programs and websites, set wakeup alarms, control your music, etc.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, server 2008 and Windows 7

Website: ORIS 2 speech recognition


OpenEars is a free speech recognition program and speech synthesis designed for the iPhone and iPad. All the process is accomplished locally on the device without using the network.

Features of OpenEars

  • Listens for speech on a background
  • Support text to speech
  • Improved recognition accuracy
  • Change the pitch, speed and variance of any text-to-speech voice
  • Can pause and resume speech
  • Use any of 9 voices of speech, includes male and female voices
  • Support JSGF grammars
  • Dynamically generate new ARPA language models
  • Test existing records and include more advanced features

Compatibility: free to use in an iPhone or iPad app

Website: OpenEars


TalkTyper is online free voice recognition software that works in a browser. You can convert your speech to text using this simple and easy to use program. To use this speech recognition program, you just click the microphone icon and begin speaking (make sure that your microphone is properly hooked into the computer).

Using TalkTyper you can create documents, emails, blog posts, tweets, translate, and more. Once you finish creating text, you can copy it to clipboard or print as you like. Also, TalkTyper allows you to listen back to the text you have created.

TalkTyper supports 8 languages and work with Google Chrome Version 11 or greater.

Website: TalkTyper

Other free voice recognition software

VoxcribeCC – it is a free voice recognition software that works on 64-bit windows. Unlike other similar software, the size of the software is huge, 1.3GB. So you need to have good internet connection and download manager. Please read other user’s review before downloading this software.

My Voice Controller – allows you to emulate mouse and keyboard inputs by using your voice. It is useful for gaming and assistance for the disabled/injured. The software maps voice keywords to common tasks, allows common/long commands to be referenced by a single keyword. The software is compatible with XP and Vista.

WavFrag is also free voice recognition software that can accept feed from any of the sound input devices. The software recognizes hundreds of commands and one can train new ones. Using the program, you can execute a program, switch between windows, close active program, minimize, maximize, close and more. Also, you can make WavFrag multilingual just by training the words in a foreign language.


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