Top 27 free voip software for Winodws, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhones

Here is a list of top free VoIP software that allows you to make voice and video calls through the internet using your computer and mobile phones.  One of the main reasons for using VoIP is its cost; you only pay for the internet access to make calls over internet.

Additional features of VoIP programs include landline calling, voice and video conferencing, SMS and instant messaging, file and screen sharing.  Moreover, the free VoIP applications listed under here works with a VoIP service provider upon signup to the services.

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Skype is the most popular and best free voip software that enables you to make audio call, video call and message over the internet to anyone in the world. Using Skype you can connect with your friends from around the world via video call, voice call, messaging and sharing.

Main features of Skype

  • Support skype to skype calls, calls to landlines and mobiles, group calls, forward calls etc.
  • Allows you to make one to one and group video calls
  • Support video messaging, text messaging, instant messaging and voice messages
  • Allows you to share and send files, messages, photos and contacts
  • Share your computer screen and support group screen sharing
  • Support calling through existing SIP enabled PBX
  • Include Skype Translator and Skype manager
  • Access Skype features from your browser using Skype extension

Compatibility: Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and all devices

Website: Skype


Viber is also the popular and free VOIP software that allows you to make phones calls and send messages to your friends and relatives around the world either from your smart phones or desktop. In order to call your friends, they must be viber users as well. Viber is free from any annoying ads.

Main features of Viber

  • Make phone calls and send messages
  • Works with WiFi or 3G network
  • Make calls at low rates from Mobile phones to landlines or mobile numbers
  • Synchronize contacts, messages and with your mobile phones
  • Send text, photo and sticker messages
  • Transfer ongoing calls between devices

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows 8 tablet, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada devices

Website: Viber


VoipDiscount is free voip software that enables you to call over the internet to any of your online friends and other destinations.

Key features of VoipDiscount

  • Make phone to phone calls
  • Call via networks and SIP devices
  • Send messages via VoipDiscount client, website or using a HTML link
  • Support using on mobile phones with MobileVOIP free application
  • Allows you to use your credits for regular calls
  • Offers free landlines calling for a number of countries mostly in Europe and North America

Compatibility: Windows, Mac and Mobile

Website: VoipDiscount (


3CXPhone is a free softphone client that enables you to connect to a VOIP provider to make calls to mobile and landline number. It is more of a client to VOIP Providers than VOIP software.

Main features of 3CXPhone

  • Make calls to mobile and landlines via VOIP Provider
  • Record calls and blind transfers
  • Shows personal log history
  • Support different kinds of Headsets including USB and JABRA
  • Works with most popular VOIP Providers
  • Comes with several changeable phone interfaces

Compatibility: Windows,  Android  and iPhone

Website: 3CXPhone for VOIP Providers (

Express Talk VoIP Softphone

Express Talk VoIP Softphone allows you to make phone calls using your PC or Mac. It is feature rich and works with any VoIP gateway provider or Office PBX. The software comes in two editions – free and commercial version.  The commercial version adds more advanced voip features such as call transfer, phone call recording, call conferencing for up to 6 people, configure up to 6 phone lines.

You can use the free version for non-commercial use only.

Main features of Express Talk  

  • Allows to make video and voice calls between PCs
  • Make calls PC to phone using VoIP SIP gateway provider
  • Support calling of emergency numbers
  • Include caller ID display and logging
  • Support data compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction and comfort noise
  • Integrates Microsoft Address book and include phone book with quick dial configuration
  • Support usage of USB phones, headsets, microphones, webcam and speakers

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X 10.4

Website: Express Talk VOIP Softphone (


Jitsi is an open source free voip software that allows you to make both video and audio calls with different network protocols. One of the unique features of Jitsi is its security; each of your calls can be encrypted.

Main features of Jitsi

  • Make audio calls, video calls and audio conference calls
  • Support call recording and encrypt call with SDES/SRTP and ZRTP
  • Support instant messaging such as one to one chats, multi user chats
  • Provide encrypted password storage
  • Support auto answering and call forwarding
  • Support popular protocols and networks such as SIP, GoogleTalk, XMPP, AIM, etc
  • Includes other miscellaneous features – mute, echo cancellation, noise suppression, blind transfer

Compatibility: Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and 10

Website: Jitsi free voip application (

Vbuzzer Messenger

Vbuzzer is free voip software designed to allow you to make free PC to PC calls. The software is available for PC and Mac as well as for iPhone, iPod and Android smart phones.

Main features of Vbuzzer software

  • Make PC-to-PC and PC to Phone calls
  • Support Voice email and call forwarding
  • Allows you to make SMS to mobile phones
  • Works with Windows live messenger, yahoo messenger, AIM & ICQ
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows XP, vista, Windows 7/8

Website: Vbuzzer Messenger (


ooVoo is completely free video chat and messaging application that enables you to get connected with your friends and relatives through voice calling, video calling, text and picture messaging and screen sharing. It works on any device including Amazon Fire phone.

Main features of ooVoo

  • Make both voice and video calls
  • Support up to 12 people video calling
  • Send text messages
  • Support watching YouTube videos together and chat during watching
  • Allows sharing fun photo and video messages
  • Capture and record conversation and video calls

Compatibility: Windows PC, Mac, Tablets, Amazon Fire Phone, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone
Website: ooVoo free application (


MicroSIP is an open source and portable SIP softphone software that allows you to make VoIP calls via open SIP protocol. MicroSIP works with and without VoIP provider/SIP Server.

Key features of MicroSIP free voip software

  • Make voice and video calls person to person or on regular telephones
  • Support messaging
  • Compatible with SIP standards
  • Employ strong configurable encryption TLS/SRTP
  • Stores setting in ini file (portable)
  • Support many languages
  • Light on system resources

Compatibility: Windows PC (7/8/10), Mac OS, Android, Tablets, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone
Website: MicroSIP Softphone (


LinPhone is free VoIP software which enables you to communicate with people over the internet. With LinPhone you can make voice calls, video calls and send messages. It works with SIP protocol which is an open standard for internet telephony.

Main features of LinPhone

  • Make voice, video calls and support instant messaging
  • Works with any SIP VoIP operator
  • Record and store voice and video calls in different formats
  • Store and manage address books
  • Communicate securely
  • Support video full screen mode and
  • Create audio call conferences
  • Make any calls using any web browsers
  • Support any web cam
  • Support industry standard Audio and Video codecs

Compatibility: Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows 8 Phone
Website: Linphone free VOIP Application (

PC Telephone

PC Telephone is multi featured application which provides telecommunication services such as file/fax transfer over various networks, internet /voip telephone, ISDN telephone, etc. Two editions of PC Telephone available – free and registered. The registered version has additional functions like unlimited calls over ISDN, PC to Fax without watermark, Network Id presentation, PC telephone API, PC speaker and USB phone notifications are enabled.

Main features of PC Telephone

  • Make and receive PC to PC, PC to Phone/Fax, Phone/Fax to PC calls
  • Supports call answer, call scheduling, call forwarding, call transfer, call waiting and muting
  • Support Audio conferencing
  • Record telephone conversations
  • Support telephone call encryption
  • Send and receive data using different networks
  • Send and receive fax documents
  • Support voice mail
  • Listen messages remotely
  • Include phonebook

Compatibility: Windows XP, 7 and 8

Website: PC Telephone Software (


Zoiper is one of the best free VoIP software which comes with lots of basic and advanced features. Zoiper enables you to display all contacts in a combined list for easy access. It integrates CRM, address book and click to dial browser integration. Zoiper comes in community, which is free and Business editions, which include more advanced functionalities.

Key features of Zoiper VoIP software

  • Make Audio and video calls, send/receive fax,
  • Support instant messaging
  • Support auto answer and call recording
  • Support CRM integration, number recognition, outlook and thunderbird plugins
  • Light on system resource
  • Compatible with most VoIP service providers and PBX’s
  • Make cheap calls with providers
  • Stores history of incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, incoming faxes, outgoing faxes, unanswered calls, rejected calls
  • Encrypt all VoIP calls (text, voice, and video) with TLS/SRTP and ZRTP encryption technologies
  • Customizable interface and many more features

Compatibility: Cross platform (runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows phone 8, browsers)

Website: Zoiper Free softpone (


Ekiga is an open source and full featured free VOIP software which enables you to connect with your friends over the internet using SIP and H.323 hardware or software.

Main features of Ekiga Softphone

  • Make voice and video calls via the internet
  • Support instant messaging
  • Make audio calls to landlines and mobile phones with cheapest service
  • Support high definition sound and video quality
  • SMS to mobile phones if the service provider support
  • Support Call hold, call transfer, call forwarding, DTMF
  • Support wide ranges of softphones, hardpones, PBX and service providers
  • Remote and local address book support

Compatibility: It is multi-platform, Windows and GNU/Linux

Website: Ekiga (

Razer Comms

Razer Comms is free VoIP software which specifically designed for bringing the gamers together. It is optimized to run alongside games, means it allows you chat or connect with your friends while you are playing a game.  The software is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Key features of Razer Comms

  • Communicate with friends through messages and voice call
  • Support adding or muting friends
  • Adjust speaker settings
  • Support sharing screen shots or custom maps to your partner
  • Allows you to access your chat history
  • Support social streaming, watch with friends
  • Easily discover or be recommended popular streams from across all partnered stream service providers
  • Allows you to stay in chat as you switch between mobile and desktop

Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7 and Vista

Website:  Razer Comms (

TeamSpeak 3

Designed for online gaming, education and training, communication and keep in touch with friends and family, TeamSpeak 3 is free voip software that allows you to talk with your friends or colleagues. It works through authorized TeamSpeek host provider or server and connects via TeamSpeak 3 free desktop client. The software is ideal for small businesses, online education and training.

Key features of TeamSpeak 3

  • Make calls to your friends and colleagues
  • Uses Opus audio codec that offers high voice quality
  • Provide complete control of your TeamSpeaker 3 server
  • Employ AES based encryption and public-private key authentication
  • Share and download files stored on the TeamSpeaker Server
  • Fully customizable toolbar

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Android and iOS

Website: TeamSpeak 3 (


X-Lite is freely available VoIP application that allows you to make voice and video calls in a user friendly interface. X-Lite is trimmed version of Bria softpone which incorporates all advanced features.

Main features of X-Lite

  • Support both voice and video call
  • Support instant messaging and presence using SIP Simple
  • Works with a wide range of networks using opens standards and SIP
  • Support voice mail
  • Zero-Touch configuration of your USB headset or other audio/video devices
  • See when users are online and send instant messages
  • Allows you to manage your contacts

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/ Windows 10, Mac OS X

Website: X-Lite Softphone (


Mumble is an open source and free VoIP software primarily designed for gamers which enables them to chat while gaming.

Main features of Mumble

  • Enables you to make high quality voice chat using the Opus codec
  • Support noise suppression, attenuation and automatic level equalization
  • Encrypt messages and voice data using TLS and OCB-AES128
  • Features an overlay to show status information such as who is talking
  • Uses certificates for authentication
  • Has easily customizable interface

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD and iOS

Website: Mumble free voice chat software (


PhonerLite is free VoIP software which allows you to call via internet using your PC. In order to use your PC for internet telephoney, you need to have an account from a provider that support SIP protocol. It only supports voice call.

Key features of PhonerLite

  • Make calls using your computer
  • Support conference call
  • Manage profile and contacts
  • Support messaging and auto answer
  • Support several SIP profiles
  • Support industry standard codecs
  • Secure your call with TLS, SRTP and ZRTP encryption methods
  • Allows call forwarding, call waiting, call hold and redial
  • Store and manage phonebook and logbook

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10

Website: PhonerLite (


SJphone is free VoIP software that allows you to speak over the internet. The softphone allows you to speak with any other softphone running on desktops, laptops, PDAs, IP phones, conventional landline and mobile phones. It comes with several advanced features and works with SIP and H.323 standards.

Main features of SJphone

  • Allows you to speak over internet
  • Support TCP, TLS tunneling, DNS, SRV/NAPTR records
  • Support multisession calls, 3 way conferencing using different VoIP protocols
  • Support for call to URL, SIP URL syntax
  • Call a computer or telephone on a private network
  • Save and manage phone books
  • Support call transfer, hold and mute
  • Support speed dialing and accept/reject incoming calls automatically
  • Auto adjusts microphone volume and silence detection
  • Automatic echo cancelling, NAT detection, and gain control for microphone
  • Support most USB phones and audio codecs
  • Compatible with SIP softphones and standalone SIP phones
  • Compatible with H.323 softphones and standalone H.323 phones
  • Support instant messaging
  • Advanced lost packet recovery, optimized processor usage for Hyper Threading or Multicore processors

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Windows Mobile

Website: SJphone free softphone (


Formerly called WengoPhone, QuteCom is an open source and free VoIP software that enables you to make PC-to-PC phone calls. It also allows you to chat and see your contact’s presence status if your provider supports SIP/Simple protocol.

Main features of QuteCom

  • Make computer to computer calls
  • Support Video conferencing
  • Fully compatible with SIP softpone with audio, video
  • Support file transfer
  • Instant messaging support for Jabber/GoogleTalk, AIM/ICQ, MSN and Yahoo
  • NAT traversal including STUN and HTTP proxy support
  • Encrypt calls using SRTP with AES 128 bit standard
  • Support more than 13 languages

Compatible: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Website: QuteCom free VoIP Application (

MizuPhone Basic

MizuPhone Basic is free VOIP software client that works with open standard SIP protocol. The company released two editions of VOIP applications – MizuPhone Basic and MizuPhone Full. Most of the advanced features such as video call, conference call, fax sending, group chat and SMS sending are not supported by the Basic version.

Main features of MizuPhone Basic

  • Make voice calls
  • Support instant messaging
  • Support phone to phone call
  • Send email
  • Export and import contacts
  • Manage blocked users
  • Light on system resource
  • Easy and customizable interface

Compatibility: Windows 8.1, 7, Vista and XP

Website: MizuPhone Basic Free VOIP Softphone (


KNCTR is a service that allows you to make phone calls for free to any mobile or landline number. The service is applicable only for Canada and USA. It also allows you to make free calls to another KNCTR user. If you are traveling, you can call back your home to Canada and USA for free using KNCTR.

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Website: KNCTR (

VOIP Stunt

VoipStunt is free voip software that provides the way to call people all over the world. It enables you to call regular phones for free or call at lowest rate. In some countries you can call for free as well. You can also call online (peer-to-peer) friends for free. Furthermore, it allows you to send messages from your computer.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Mobile

Website: VoipStunt free softphone (

SSuite Voip PC phone

SSuite Voip PC phone is simple and freely available voice call software that works with LAN, Wi-Fi, DSL, Cable or 3/4G broad band connections. Unlike other similar Voip applications it doesn’t rely on internet websites or third party vendors to make calls.

Compatibility: Windows 7/8.1/10

Website:  SSuite Voip PC Phone (


Talkonaut is free voip software that works with a Jabber which allows you to make peer-to-peer voice calling over Jingle audio extension. Talkonaut supports voice calling, multi-user conference chat, image and file sharing. The software is available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Symbian S60 and Windows.

Compatibility: Windows 8.1, 7, XP, Android, iPhone/iPad and Symbian S60

Website: Talkonaut free voip client (www.


VoipConnect is free Dellmont Desktop VoIP client used to call via the internet. It supports 60+ VoIP brands. Voip allows phone to phone call, SMS and support multi label.

Compatibility: Winodws  and Mac OS X

Website: VoIPConnect free Desktop client (


Like other VOIP applications, VoipCheap is also free voip software which can be used to make communications to people around the world. You can make regular phone calls both for free in some countries or call at low rate. It also allows you to call your online friends.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac and Mobile

Website:  VoipCheap Voip Software (

VoipBuster is also free voip programs that works similar to VOIPCheap

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