7 free web conferencing software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Here are free web conferencing software that allows you to host online meetings, presentations, online collaboration, desktop sharing, webinars, online training, remote support, so on. Whether you want to start a community or business meeting, these programs enable you to manage and organize web based meetings without hassle.

Here are free web conferencing software that can be used for both personal and business use.


Anymeeting is one of the best web conferencing, phone conferencing and webinar service providers. It offers four editions: Company Pro (new), Pro 200, Pro 25 and Free. Built for small businesses, Anymeeting’s free online meeting software has all the tools required for online conference and webinar. Using the free edition you can host online meeting with meeting sizes of up to 200 participants.

The free version is ad supported which means in-meeting ads appear on viewing area.

Features of Anymeeting Free

  • Plan and organize meetings
  • Support sharing your screen with the audience
  • Support 6-way video conferencing
  • Share YouTube videos while conferencing with the audience
  • Include conference calling and VoIP that enables the audience to join via phone or computer
  • Upload and present PowerPoint and PDF files
  • Record live meetings
  • Integrate social sharing tools such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Send and invites participants by sending a link including time, date and instructions to join
  • Provide personal meeting URL
  • Compatible with Mobile and Tablet devices

Compatibility: no software download required but you need to sign up for free.

Website: Anymeeting


BigMarker is an online web conferencing network that helps people to join and host online events and webiners to share knowledge and learn together. It is particularly useful for organizations and communities to host conferences organized around a topic. The service has two conferencing packages: Public and Private, the Private is intended for organizations sharing internally and costs $20 per community per month. Whereas the Public service is free and intended to create public community meeting.

BigMarker free web conferencing software

  • Host public conferences (premium talk, bible study, board meeting, etc) with up to 250 participants
  • Search and find a conference on different topics
  • Support scheduling and email notification
  • Manage conferences, recordings and members
  • Support YouTube integration
  • Include automated registration, sell tickets, and transfer to PayPal
  • Allows sharing presentation, record conferences, audio, video conferencing and chat
  • Store and embed recordings
  • Allows you to upload your recordings to YouTube
  • Allows discussion, messaging, file sharing, polling after conference
  • Help you to promote your content and more useful features

Compatibility: no software installation required, but you need to sign up to use the service

Website: BigMaker Community Conferencing


Yugma offers three types of conferencing services for web conferencing, desktop sharing, webinar presentations and online meeting. Yugma free web conferencing software enables you to share your desktop, application or document with anyone for discussion or presentation purpose. However, the software supports only one participant to conference with and has limited time of meeting (30 minutes) .

Features of Yugma Free

  • Allows desktop sharing, interact with other
  • Share mouse and keyboard control
  • Support free Teleconferencing
  • Support public and private chat

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Mac OS and Linux

Website: Yuguma Free conferencing


Vyew Free is browser based and free web conferencing software that enables you to share content and meet with participants in real time. It comes with all conferencing features that allow you to conference with up to 10 people. The free version, however, comes with advertisement interface.

Main features of Vyew Free

  • Support live conferencing, desktop sharing, screen capturing, session recording, telephone conferencing
  • Support Synchronized and unsynchronized page navigation
  • Has built-in VoIP
  • Include collaboration features including voice notes, text chat, polling, quizzing, white boarding and annotation tools, etc.
  • Upload images, documents, files and videos
  • Include content management features including printing, exporting to pdf, native upload of documents, etc.
  • Compatible with PC, Linux, Mac, documents, PowerPoint, images, videos, MP3 files

Compatibility: No installation is required, but requires free signup

Website: Vyew conferencing program


ShowDocument provides online collaboration, web meetings, document sharing and shared whiteboard services.  The platform offers free and professional web conferencing packages. The free account comes with some limitation comparing to the pro edition and for non-commercial use only. And it is intended for students, home users and non-profit organizations.

Main features of ShowDocument free web conferencing software

  • Up to 3 participants may attend a session
  • Support all collaboration applications including document sharing, whiteboard, screen sharing & capture, document co-editing, web page sharing, etc.
  • Up to 30 minutes session time is supported
  • Provide 10 MB storage space
  • Concurrent applications and docs are limited to 4
  • All session recordings are limited to last 5

Compatibility: No installation is required, but requires free signup

Website: ShowDocument Web Meeting


Teamviewer is an all-in-one application that makes easy to start online meeting and online presentation. It has two main features: Teamviewer for Remote Control and Teamviewer for Meeting. Teamviewer meeting allows hosting online meetings, presentation, training session and collaboration. Teamviewer is free for non-commercial use only.

Main features of Teamviewer free web conferencing software

  • Support sharing your screen with participants
  • Support video and audio sharing (participants can see each other)
  • Shows all your online meeting participants
  • Exchange documents easily
  • Support talk over VoIP
  • Include instant messaging
  • Include whiteboard and support conference call
  • Support scheduling meetings
  • Record online meetings and presentations
  • Add business partners and colleagues
  • Support online meetings and presentation through web browser
  • Support mobile participation through iOS and Android

Compatibility: Multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad)

Website:  Teamviewer online meeting


MeetingBurner is fast, simple and feature rich online meeting platform that enables you to host webinar and share screens. It offers three types web conferencing account: Premier, Pro and Free. MeetingBurner free web conferencing software allows meeting up to 5 attendees. In order to use the free service you need to sign up freely.

Main features of MeetingBurner

  • Allows sharing screen, browser, any document and presentation
  • Support running meeting from PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • Support audio conferencing either through conference bridge or PC speakers
  • Support mobile attendance
  • Schedule and launch meetings
  • Support video streaming
  • Support in-meeting chat
  • Allows you to customize events and meeting with photo, company logo and content
  • Has built-in automated email reminders
  • Integrate Facebook promotion tool
  • Provide email support
  • Post registration widgets on website

Compatibility: No installation is required, but requires free signup

Website: MeetingBurner

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