6 Free website design software

Are you looking for free website design software that enables you to create a webpage quickly and easily? I believe you come to the right place. Here I have listed popular but free web design software perfect for both novice and experienced designers.

Generally, two major categories of web page design software are available: programs that require prior knowledge of HTML coding and programming and programs that don’t necessarily require any knowledge of programming. This kind of web design programs usually called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

However, having basic knowledge of web programming is beneficial particularly if you are designing from scratch and want to run it yourself as webmaster. If you know the ins and outs of website coding you can easily fix or update when something goes wrong with your website. There are many websites that teaches HTML, W3C (www.w3.org) is one of the best places to start with.

WebPlus Starter Edition

WebPlus Starter Edition is a full featured and free website design software that helps you to design a webpage without prior knowledge of HTML. It comes with all the necessary tools to design a webpage. WebPlus Starter Edition allows you to start designing from scratch or start from customize templates. It actually is the trimmed version of WebPlus Professional Edition. Free registration is required to download the software and get the product Key.

Main Features of WebPlus Starter Edition

  • Doesn’t require HTML knowledge
  • Allows to apply a color scheme, support drag-and-drop images, navbars, buttons, icons, etc
  • Include different kinds of templates including Theme layout, Ready to go design templates, Professional layout tools, Add and Remove pages
  • Drag and drop Text Frame, Image, Flash, Navigation Bar, Button, Page, photo gallery, Pop-up Rollovers and smart objects
  • Import word and open office text documents, substitute missing fonts, use or design tables and calendars, find and replace texts, etc
  • Allows to add Blogs, personal profiles, social bookmarking links, Hit counters, shout box, user list, Google Maps, etc
  • Include Image adjustment tools
  • Can add YouTube Videos
  • Include Drawing tools, Ready to use Styles, Transparency, New 2D/3D Filter effects
  • Preview new pages on various web browsers installed on a computer
  • Publish web sites to a local folder or upload to preferred ISP via FTP
  • Include over 100 pre-designed buttons, stickers, icons, etc
  • Has complete and Easy to follow Getting Started User Guide
  • Many more web design tools

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: WebPlus Starter Edition

CoffeeCup Free HTML editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is free website design software which allows you to design new web site from scratch. Even though it includes some templates to start with, you should definitely have basic knowledge of HTML Coding.  It allows you to design and control your webpage in whatever way you like through the coding facilities comes with it.

Please note that Coffee Cup Free HTML editor is a trimmed version of the pro CoffeeCup HTML Editor. The free edition works only for 21 days. However, you can easily upgrade to the Full version, if you like the program.

Main Features of Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor

  • Packed with all the necessary tools to design your webpage such as HTML, CSS, Theme/Layout
  • Create new HTML and CSS files from scratch or use the existing theme to start with
  • Has built in tools that enable to add backgrounds, style text, style table, insert images, etc
  • Organize and create logical structure of website
  • Support real-time preview capability
  • Include intuitive tools that enables to add toolbars, right-click menus, and keyboard shortcuts
  • Test your webpage with default browser
  • Upload your website to any server or use CoffeeCup web platform called S-drive
  • Many more tools

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, OSX

Website:  CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

NetObjects Fusion Essentials Free

NetObjects provide two kinds of powerful web design programs: NetObjects Fusion and NetObjects Fusion Essentials. NetObjects Fusion Essentials is free website design software comes with numerous tools that allows you to build and manage sites quickly and easily. It is drag-and-drop website designer which doesn’t necessarily require prior knowledge of HTML coding.

Key features of NetObjects Fusion Essential Free

  • Include easy-to-use  tools and support drag-and-drop
  • Generates HTML codes when you layout images, add text, etc
  • Allow to add photo galleries, forms, rollover images, scrolling text, Flash, etc
  • Offers various add-on components to enhance web site
  • Support customizable style attributes including color, page layout, font type, font size
  • Features centralized management of website
  • Shows the generated HTML code and allows to edit it using other HTML editor
  • Can add your HTML or scripts to any object or the page
  • Generate the HTML for the pages and upload to web server with the required directory structure

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: NetObjects Fusion Essentials Free


Designed based on Gecko, Mozilla layout engine, KompoZer is simple, non-complicated and free website design software particularly beneficial for non-technical users who don’t know HTML coding. It is WYSIWYG web page program. The software allows you to create and edit professional looking websites. And when comparing to other similar HTML editors, KomboZer is easy to use design software and light on system resources.

Main features of KompoZer free web design software

  • Creates HTML code compatible with current popular browsers
  • Combines web file management and WYSIWYG web site editing capability
  • Support XML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Integrate FTP and CSS editor
  • Can shift between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML tabs
  • Include support for forms, tables, and templates
  • Allows to work on multiple pages using Tab
  • Has customizable toolbars
  • Include Cleaner Markup, color picker, XFN, Table/Cell resizing rulers, Automated spell checker
  • View and Publish your web pages to web server

Compatibility: KompoZer is multiplatform. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac

Website: KompoZer Free web editor


PageBreeze is full featured HTML editor that combines visual WYSIWYG and HTML tag modes. PageBreeze provides easy way to create attractive webpage. The free version of PageBreeze is free for personal, not for profit or educational use. The free version does not include FTP that enables to publish your web page to web server.

Main features PageBreeze free website design software

  • Create and manage websites
  • Has color-coded HTML source editor and support latest HTML standards
  • Include complete set of Form building and processing tool
  • Instant switch between HTML source and visual modes
  • Integrate form processing service
  • Preview finished website on web browsers
  • Include webpage templates and provide direct access to online web templates

Compatibility:  All version of Windows including 32 and 64-bit version

Website: PageBreeze free HTML editor


WebDwarf is free website design software that allows you to create and publish a web page with simple steps. The software doesn’t require HTML knowledge. You can design with drag-and-drop page builder to place and move images and text.

Key features of WebDwarf

  • Create and publish webpage with 100% drag-and-drop editing
  • Has built-in graphics creation and editing tool
  • Include Templates and text editor
  • Create backgrounds, rotate objects, spell-check
  • Has built-in FTP publisher which upload your pages directly to your webhost

Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Website: WebDwarf free Website builder

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