How to install AutoCAD 2009?

Here are the steps you need to follow to install AutoCAD 2009 on your computer successfully. AutoCAD (computer aided design) is industry standard Engineering design software equipped with powerful tools and functions. You can create 2D and 3D drawings using AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2009 works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and requires good type of processor and minimum 2GB memory.

Ok let us go and see the steps:-

Step 1 – Get the software

AutoCAD is expensive program, however, it is possible to download and use the trail version.

Download AutoCAD 2009

Step 2 – Install AutoCAD 2009

Load AutoCAD DVD into your computer or unpack the downloaded file and Double Click on the setup.exe application file.

AutoCAD 2009 installation wizard dialog box appears; choose “Install Products” to perform standard installation.

install autocad 2009

On the next screen, under “Select the Products to Install” heading choose the Items you want to install, check the box “AutoCAD 2009” and Click “Next” to continue. If you want to install Autodesk Design Review 2009, check the box as well. It is particularly beneficial for network users.

autocad 2009 installation

On the next screen it begins installing AutoCAD 2009, on the “Accept the License Agreement” dialog box read through the agreement and select “A accept” option.

Also select your country/region, Click “Next” to proceed.

 Autocad 2009 install steps

On the “Product and User Information” page, fill the Serial Number, First Name, Last Name and Organization (if applicable).

If you have not yet bought the product, enter 000-00000000 as a serial number

 autocad 2009 installation

The “Review – Configure – Install” windows appears, Click on “Configure” button to customize more options.

 autocad 2009 install wizard

On the next screen, choose “Stand-alone license” and Click “Next” to proceed

On the “Select the Installation Type” window, choose “Typical” or “Custom” (if you choose Custom you will get additional steps).

Under “Install optional tools” you check both boxes or leave as it is (the default). But I recommend choosing “Express Tools” to install with the software if it is not checked.

Also you can set additional options such as desktop shortcut and software installation location. In addition, you can see disk space requirements.

Click “Next” to continue to complete the configuration. Click “Configuration Complete” button.

steps of installing autocad 2009

 how to install autocad 2009

Now you are ready to install AutoCAD 2009 on your PC. Click “Install” to start installation. You can see that Green Arrow displayed next to each components during installation. The installation will take some time. Wait!

 steps of installing cad 2009

You will get “Installation Completed” dialog box, when the setup is completed.

Click “Finish” to view the Readme.

 Install AutoCAD 2009autocad 2009 install steps

Restart your computer and start using AutoCAD 2009

using autocad 2009

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