How to install Mozilla Firefox on your PC?

In this article I will show you how to install Mozilla Firefox on Windows PC. It is actually pretty simple to install it.

Mozilla Firefox is open source and popular web browsing software. Mozilla is free and fast browser comes with useful tools and easy for customization. It is also updated often by adding new features that makes browsing more interactive.

Some of the features of Mozilla Firefox include the following

  • Can set single or multiple websites as your home page and restore default home page
  • You can also set what pages open when Firefox starts
  • Support one click bookmarking to save and organize favorite pages
  • Allows to sync bookmarks with another computer or mobile device
  • Can open multiple website in single Window using tabs
  • Has what they call “Awesome Bar” which allows you to remember websites you have visited before
  • Can Pin Tabs, has password manager, form complete and pop-up blocker
  • Support private browsing which enables you to browse the internet without saving history on your PC
  • Support customization with Add-ons
  • Multilanguage support
  • Mozilla Firefox works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Mac OS X and Linux.

Ok, let us go and install Mozilla Firefox

Step 1 – Download the software

Use the following link to download the installer of Mozilla Firefox. The new version is installed using the installer.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Step 2 – Install the software

When the download is complete (it is under 1MB), Double click to run and install the software. Make sure that you are connected to the internet while installing the software.

Click “Yes” on the “User Account Control” to allow the software run on your PC.

Firefox Setup” dialog box appears on your screen. On this screen you can either Click on “Install” button or Click on “Options” to customize more settings.

 install mozilla firefox

If you Click on “Options” button, you will get a screen where you can perform additional settings. Choose settings that you want to apply such as creating shortcuts, place of installation, sending information to Mozilla about the installation and Firefox background updates.

Click “Install” when you finish, Firefox starts downloading and installing the software on your PC.

install steps of Mozilla firefox
how to install mozilla firefox

After the installation is completed “Import Wizard” dialog box appears that asks you to import settings and data from other browsers installed on your PC.

Click “Next” or “Cancel” to discard importing any settings.

 steps of installing mozilla

If you want set Mozilla as your default Browser, you can do it here.

Click “Yes” to accept and finish setup.

 mozilla firefox install steps
 Mozilla Firefox browser intallation

That is all the steps you need to follow to install Mozilla Firefox on your computer.

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