Investintech PDF to Excel Review — Free Productivity Tool

As the most popular file format online, the PDF has found its way to a wide variety of uses in both our home and office computers. From complex paperwork to accounting statements and student reports, we utilize PDF in more ways than one would imagine. The reason behind that is simple: it is a cross-platform way to view and share documents, regardless of their structure or format-specific requirements.

But even though we love and use PDF almost everyday, there is still a small stone in the shoe when it comes to its functionalities. Most of the users are familiar with the fact that you cannot simply edit PDF without converting it to an editable file format. Often times, those solutions cost several hundred dollars and, even though they provide a great service they are a step too far for people who just occasionally have to convert PDFs. Inc. is one of the leading companies in the PDF solutions market and they have been at the top of their game for over 15 years. Their superstar PDF converter, Able2Extract, received countless praises and hundreds of thousands of users.

This time, they have taken their proprietary PDF to Excel technology and packed it inside a lightweight online converter, simply titled PDF to Excel converter.

convert pdf to excel


As you can see from the screenshot, this tool is fairly intuitive and simple to use. It offers quick and accurate conversions from PDF into .xlsx, completely free of charge with no strings attached.

Good thing about PDF to Excel is that it has no limitations to the file size and the number of conversions you can perform. That literally means that you can use it to convert a 1,000 Mb dataset and quickly shift it to your data viz tool of choice (but have in mind that it will take a bit longer than usual). Also, the fact that you can convert as many times as you’d like, makes it a must-have tool in your productivity arsenal.

So, there you go, a quick bookmark for a quick solution to a very painstaking problem. Repurposing PDFs? A walk in the park.


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