MultCloud Review – Managing multiple cloud storages from a single interface

MultCloud Overview

Many of us have at least two or more online cloud storage accounts where we save our personal data and photos. And managing all these different accounts would be a tiresome task. This is where the use of MultCloud comes into the scene. MultCloud is a service provided by AOMEI Technology known by their best hard drive partition and backup products.

MultCloud enables you to put multiple cloud drives into a single, centralized account and control each account from there without logging into each account.

MultCloud Review

You can directly move, upload and synchronize your data between cloud storages using MultCloud. The application works online and comes in two editions: free and premium.

Main features – MultCloud Review 

  • Directly transfer, move and copy files between cloud drives
  • Include all file management tools such as upload, download, cut, copy, paste, delete, share, file preview, file search, rename, edit, see each cloud storage properties and so on
  • Allows you to combine all free storages of multiple cloud drives you have from different account and use together
  • Support various cloud services including Dropbox, Box, AmazonS3, WebDAV, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, FTP, Copy, Amazon, Cloudme, Cubby, Mydrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, Baidu, MediaFire, OwnCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, MySQL backup, Flickr drive
  • Support scheduled file copy (set daily, weekly or monthly scheduling) and works in the background
  • Support Multi-server parallel transmission technology, that enhances file transmission success rate by 200%
  • Employ highest security methods for data management – transfer data using 256-bit AES encryption for SSL, don’t save files on the MultCloud server and access your drives with OAuth authorization


MultCloud works entirely online, no need of installation. You, however need to sign up and create an account.


MultCloud is comes in two editions: Free and Premium. If you want more advanced features and tools such as unlimited traffic, schedule file transfer, file transfer filter and fast transfer speed, you can go for the premium edition. Generally, the free edition is adequate for the majority user.


It is relatively easy to use MultCloud and get around with all the tools. If in case you want some help, you can refer the online help right from the interface of the MultCloud main page or contact them.

You can read here: MultCloud Tutorial


The interface of MultCloud is user friendly and intuitive. All the functions of the application are clearly put on the interface. You can see all the drives you added on the left side and see the details of each on the middle screen. You can also add or remove cloud drives and manage each account by selecting from the list.

What I Like

MultCloud is a great tool that every cloud storage user should have by side. It comes with important tools and functions that are needed for transferring files from one cloud storage to another. Once, I got into this application, I began using cloud storage services effectively and quickly.

In addition, the company adds more features on a regular basis into it which makes the application more beneficial and outranks other similar services. Keep the good work.

What I don’t Like

Not any! But as a comment, it would be more beneficial if a user can edit simple documents like photos and text files and save back to the storage. Furthermore, the interface of the application and the way the tools are accessed can be improved and make it more user friendly.

Summary of MultCloud Review

MultCloud is an online cloud storage management service that allows you to combine, access and manage all your online storage places from one interface. It is like a Control Panel where you control each account, move files from one account to the other, synchronizes between accounts so forth.

I highly recommend MultCloud for any online cloud storage user.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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